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    On January 26, 2021, President Biden issued a Memorandum on Tribal Consultation and Strengthening Nation-to-Nation Relationships which directs each Federal Government agency to consult with Tribes before developing a detailed plan of actions the agency will take to implement the policies and directives of Executive Order (EO) 13175, Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments (Nov. 6, 2000). Agencies must submit their plans to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) by April 26, 2021. Following President Biden’s direction, the U.S. Department of the Interior (Interior) seeks Tribal input on how to best improve its implementation of EO 13175 to consistently achieve meaningful consultation. Specifically, Interior will hold four Tribal consultation sessions in March to hear Tribal leaders’ suggestions for federal policy and departmental actions, including identifying additional best practices to improve consultation and fortify Interior’s relationship with Tribal governments. Interior has developed specific questions to help guide the consultation sessions, which can be found here: Additional Guidance. The Tribal Leader Letter can also be found here.

    The deadline for written comments on the consultation series is 12 p.m. ET on March 19, 2021. Comments can be submitted at consultation@bia.gov.

    The Invitation to Alaska Native Corporation CEOs can be found here

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