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Fire Effects & Fire Monitoring

The effects of fire on the landscape and its impact on vegetation and wildlife are important aspects of fire management. Understanding the effects fire has to the landscape is essential to effective landscape restoration.

Fire Effects References
Guides Resources References
NWCG Fire Effects Guide

FFI: Ecological Monitoring Utilities (Forms, Training, Manuals, Helpful Resources)

Effects of Fire on Cultural Resources & Archaeology


Fire Effects Information System

Fire and Aquatic Ecosystems of the Western US: current knowledge and key questions

    Restoring & Maintaining Resilient Landscapes on the San Carlos Apache Reservation

RMRS GTR 42 Vol 1 - Effects of Fire on Fauna

    RMRS GTR 42 Vol 2 - Effects of Fire on Flora
    RMRS GTR 42 Vol 4 - Effects of Fire on Soil and Water
    RMRS GTR 42 Vol 5 - Effects of Fire on Air
    RMRS GTR 42 Vol 6 - Fire and Nonnative Invasive Plants
Monitoring References

Careful monitoring and evaluation of natural resources after a prescribed or natural fire is a necessary and ongoing process. Monitoring the vegetation and other environmental components validate treatment objectives and helps managers understand the role fire plays in nature and how it affects important ecosystem components. It is also important for managers to understand how fire influences the systems so they can adjust treatment plans that will improve results.

Protocol/Manuals/Procedures Guides/ Handbooks Forms References
Fire Effects Monitoring Protocol v1.0

Fuel & Fire Effects Monitoring Guide

Fire Behavior Observation Measuring & Monitoring Plant Populations

Wildland Fire Management Reference Manual

Fuel Moisture Sampling Guide - BLM Utah (2007) Fire Behavior Summary The Strategy and Design of the Effectiveness Monitoring Program for the Northwest Forest Plan

Southwest Area Fuel Moisture Monitoring Program - Standard Methods & Procedures (2004)

Fuel Moisture Collection Methods - A Field Guide (2011) Fuel Moisture Sampling  
  Fuel Moisture Collection Methods and Equipment - A Desk Guide (2011)

Photographic Log


  Fire Monitoring Handbook

Smoke Observation



Special Forecast Request


    Fire Weather Observations  
Photo Monitoring Resources & Techniques
References Techniques
Photoland Sampling Techniques

Site-Specific Repeat Photography

Ground-Bases Photographic Monitoring

Appendix A: Methodology for Photo monitoring of Change in Vegetation or Soil

Photo Grid Analysis


Transect Photo Sampling

  Appendix C: Photo Monitoring Equipment

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