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Branch of Wildland Fire Management Hosts First Annual Student Internship Orientation and Training for new BIA Pathways Students

Date Published: Jun 2016
Author: Robyn Broyles
Office Contact - Phone Number: 208-387-5473

The Branch of Wildland Fire Management will be hosting its first annual Student Intern Orientation and Training June 7 and 8th.  Twenty-three students studying Forestry, Wildfire and Range Management from across Indian Country will come to the National Interagency Fire Center to kick off their student internships under the Bureau of Indian Affairs Pathways, Student Internship Program.

This orientation provides a forum for students to meet each other and begin building relationships they can use throughout their careers. During the student’s two-day orientation, they will meet the Acting BIA Division Chief Dave Koch, Branch Chief Aaron Baldwin, and other fire management experts at NIFC. In addition, students will meet Rachel Smith and Craig Cook, who will provide detail into the training requirements students will need to fulfill during their internship.

Students will receive basic training on how to submit their time and attendance; process travel requests, authorizations and vouchers; and how to use government charge cards. Finally, Students will receive a tour of the National Interagency Fire Center to gain a preliminary understanding of the dispatching system and the resources mobilized through the National system.

The BIA Pathways Student Internship Program provides American Indian and Alaska Native students paid opportunities to explore careers in the BIA while they seek degrees in professional, critical, hard-to-fill occupations within social services, scientific, technical, engineering, mathematics and natural resource disciplines. Learn more about the program at bia.gov/WhoWeAre/BIA/iayouth/index.htm

Program Area: OTS Student Internship Program

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