Purpose: To implement a comprehensive approach to assessing the conditions of bureau funded schools using a holistic site-by-site approach to provide a safe, secure, healthy, operationally modern, and long-lasting campus to support the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) mission to provide quality education opportunities.

Goal: To get all schools on a path to “Good” and then keep them there.

The Education Construction Site Assessment and Capital Investment Pilot Program incorporates the intended areas of concern outlined in the Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Final Report1. The report identified 6 areas that should be included in any assessment of a school2:

  1. Size of school
  2. School enrollment
  3. Age of school
  4. Condition of School
  5. Environmental factors
  6. School isolation

The report identified two criteria for eligibility for consideration:

  1. FCI condition of “poor” (>.10); or
  2. Schools 50 years or older AND educating 75 percent or more of students in portables.

Updated list of the 2021 Site Assessment – Capital Investment (SA-CI) schools, listed in priority order, along with Region and State.

2021 SA&CI List


School Region


IE091 Marty Indian School Great Plains SD
IE056 Havasupai School Western AZ
IE139 Second Mesa Day School Western AZ
IE085 Lower Brule Day School Great Plains SD
IE047 First Mesa Elementary School Western AZ
IE059 Hotevilla Bacavi Community Western AZ
IE160 Theodore Jamerson Elementary Great Plains ND
IE061 Indian Island School Eastern ME
IE062 Indian Township School Eastern ME
IE121 Red Rock Day School Navajo AZ