Policy and guidance documents are made available below to assist with all aspects of planning, designing, constructing, operating, maintaining, improving, and decommissioning IA real property assets, including all services and functions related to the construction of new facilities and major rehabilitation, ensuring fire protection and code compliance, and evaluation of Bureau-owned or -operated buildings, utilities, and grounds, including employee housing.

Guidance Documents

IA Supplemental Attachment G Project Scoring Methodology - 5-Year Capital Improvement Planning

The Department of Interior (DOI) annually published budget guidance and instruction using “Attachment G” issued by the DOI Budget Office to be used by the Bureau’s to develop Five-Year Deferred Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plans. As stated, the criteria are designed to allow the bureaus to further define the distribution of points based on bureau missions and provided through bureau-specific guidance. This supplement is intended to provide the specific guidance and scoring methodology for Indian Affairs construction projects under the oversight of the Office of Facilities, Property, and Safety Management (OFPSM); specifically, Education Construction, Public Safety & Justice Construction, and Other Construction.

Facilities Management Communication and Organizational Roles & Responsibilities Clarification

The BIE, BIA, and OFPSM are committed to work in cooperation to support the development of an organizational facilties support system that provides safe, effective, and supportive infrastructures that promote quality learning throughout BIE funding schools. This agreement is intended to provide guidance for roles & responsibilities until the plan for BIE facilties capability is determined and established. 

National Policy Memorandum - OFPSM - 1 Construction Facilities Improvement & Repair (FI&R) Funding Allocation Methodology 

This memorandum is to establish funding allocation procedures for Construction FI&R programs for Education Construction, Public Safety and Justice Construction and Other Construction across Indian Affairs.

2013 Program Policies and Procedures