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Northern Cheyenne Agency

The Northern Cheyenne Reservation is located in southeastern Montana near Colstrip, Montana. This mineral rich reservation is home to over 9,300 Northern Cheyenne enrolled tribal members and contains about 444,000 acres of land within its exterior boundary. There are about 442,276 acres of tribal and allotted surface trust acreage that includes Turtle Mountain Public Domain lands.

The agency provides direct services in the following program areas: Executive Direction & Administration, Facilities Management, Social Services, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Rights Protection, Trust Services, Probate, and Real Estate Services.

The Tribe has contracted the following programs: Job Placement & Training, Johnson O’Malley, Tribal Community College, Scholarships, Tribal Adult Education, Community Fire Protection, Indian Child Welfare, Housing Improvement, Tribal Courts, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Water Resources, Wildlife & Parks, Tribal Management & Development, Forest Development, Endangered Species, and Other Aid to Tribal Government.