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Blackfeet Agency

The Blackfeet Reservation is located in north central Montana and shares the western boundary (of the reservation) with Glacier National Park. This scenic reservation is home to over 16,000 Blackfeet enrolled tribal members and contains about 1,500,000 acres of land within its exterior boundary. There are about 980,945 acres of tribal and allotted surface trust acreage.

The agency provides direct services in the following program areas: Executive Direction & Administration, Facilities Management, Social Services, Agriculture, Forestry, Trust Services, Probate, Irrigation, Lease Compliance, Dam Maintenance and Real Estate Services.

The Tribe has contracted the following programs: Job Placement & Training, Economic Development, Johnson O’Malley, Scholarships, Indian Child Welfare, Housing Improvement, Tribal Courts, Community Fire Protection, Agriculture, Wildland Fire Preparedness & Suppression, Interagency Hotshots, Endangered Species, Tribal Management & Development, Fuels Management, and Water Resources.