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April 2013

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Photo Crownpoint Teaser

Crownpoint Justice Complex Features Five Program Buildings

OFMC and the Navajo Nation share in funding the 112,375 square foot complex in New Mexico.

[Video: Watch the DSRM safety inspection of the complex.]

Photo Security Teaser

Security Concerns Prompt Entry Precautions

The 2012 Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting has elevated efforts across Indian Country to ensure student and staff security in BIE-funded schools and dormitories.

Photo Murals Teaser

Dennehotso Murals Get Reprieve from Demolition

Computer graphic advancements aid preserving artwork.

[Video: See what will become of the school five murals on the walls of Dennehotso Boarding School.]

[Video: Watch the Dennehotso ground-breaking celebration.]

Photo Focus Tower

Focus: Updated Design Standards Include MI&R/FI&R Projects

Since 2007, OFMC’s School Design Handbook has kept up with the latest in facility construction standards.

Photo Briefs Aquarium

Briefs: April 2013

Wide Ruins Aquarium Part of Replacement School Project [Video] | JFK Day School Gets New Doors | OFMC Managers Review MAXIMO

Photo Dennehotso

Dennehotso Replacement School Underway

OFMC builds Arizona boarding school on same site.

[Play Video: Watch the ground-breaking celebration.]

[Play Video: Discover what will become of the school’s five murals.]

Photo Fire Truck

OFMC Supplies New Fire Trucks and Training

Firefighters from four BIE-funded schools attend hands-on training.

[Play Video: OFMC teaches how to use the new trucks.]

Photo Solar

OFMC Creates Solar Neighborhood at Ute Mountain

OJS quarters are powered by solar panels; increased insulation leads to energy savings.

[Play Video: See the Ute Mountain Ute Agency Detention Center’s solar hot water and solar power applications.]

Photo Twin Buttes

Twin Buttes Replacement School Being Readied in North Dakota

OFMC funded the K-8 Twin Buttes Day School replacement project. The new school will be dedicated later this year.

Photo Wide Ruins

Wide Ruins Ground-breaking Initiates Replacement School

OFMC’s replacement Wide Ruins Community School in Arizona gets underway.

[Play Video: See the Wide Ruins ground-breaking celebration.]

[Play Video: See the plans for the Wide Ruins aquarium’s new home.]

January 2013

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Photo Riverside1

Riverside Campus Gets a Makeover

The focal point of the Riverside Indian School campus is shifting as new buildings are constructed to replace the old.

[Video: Riverside Student Council President Michelle Torres anticipates her speech.]

Photo Water Booster Pump

Improving Indian Affairs’ Water Systems

In view of the EPA Settlement Agreement, OFMC is conducting a condition assessment of the estimated 211 Indian Affairs-funded water treatment systems. The goal is to bring them into good condition over time.

[Video: OFMC resolves the elevated arsenic levels in Keams Canyon, Ariz., water.]

Photo Santa Rosa demo3

Santa Rosa Boarding School Dorms Demolished, But Saguaros Survive

Asbestos and other hazardous wastes are removed from the Tohono O’odham Nation site, while two saguaro cacti remain standing.

Wingate High School

Focus: Replacement School Ranking Process Tested

A test model provided an opportunity to apply a proposed ranking formula in a simulated environment, observe the outcome and report the findings.

Chemawa roof

Briefs: January 2013

Chemawa Begins Roofing Effort for Gymnasium and Pool | Zuni Pueblo Law Enforcement Goes Modular [Video] | OFMC Improves Plains Indian Museum Facilities [Video]

Photo MI&R2

OFMC Focuses MI&R on Schools in "Poor" Condition

In FY2013, OFMC will fund Minor Improvement & Repair (MI&R) projects to address health/safety and critical system needs at 33 schools it lists as in "poor" condition.

Photo Radon1

Blackfeet Quarters Get Radon Mitigation

Selected employee quarters at the Blackfeet Dormitory in Montana have been fitted with improved ventilation systems to lower radon gas levels.

[Video: Pilot Radon testing at St. Stephens Indian School in Wyoming.]

[Video: Tour Blackfeet Dorm, including the employee quarters.]

Photo ARRA2

OFMC Leads ARRA Performers

OFMC is the second DOI program to bring its ARRA construction projects to "substantial completion."

[Video: See the Museum’s improvements.]

Photo Ute Solar1

OJS Quarters Projects Feature Solar Energy

OFMC’s five-home, solar-powered project now being completed will house Office of Justice Services (OJS) employees at the Ute Mountain Ute Agency in Colorado.

[Video: Tour the energy improvements at the Ute Mountain Ute detention center.]

Photo Safe School2

Fencing is Key to Safe Schools

Chemawa Indian School in Oregon and KinLani Bordertown Dormitory in Arizona get security upgrades in line with BIE’s Safe Schools Initiative.

[Video: See the KinLani gates which allow the dorm’s neighbors access to their community.]

[Video: Watch the Winslow Dormitory gate in action.]

Photo Rough Rock1

Rough Rock Community School Recognized by Arizona’s Green Building Council

The Arizona chapter of the Green Building Council cited Rough Rock Community School’s three LEED awards. Rough Rock won the chapter’s K-12 Schools category.

[Video: Tour the Rough Rock Community School.]

October 2012

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Kaibeto entrance with flag

That's A Wrap! - Dedication of Two Replacement Schools Concludes ARRA Construction Era

OFMC oversaw the use of $305,409,812 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) funds for more than 100 construction projects across Indian Country.

OFECR Solar Photo

That's A Wrap! - OFMC’s ARRA Cost Savings Funded the Replacement of Kaibeto Boarding School in Arizona

A highlight of OFMC’s four-year, ARRA-funded construction program was the unanticipated funding of the Kaibeto Boarding School replacement project in Arizona. [Video]

OJT workers

That's A Wrap! - OFMC’s ARRA-Funded On-the-Job Training Programs Lead to Success

OFMC’s 19 workforce training programs helped 306 American Indians gain job skills, with some landing jobs immediately. [Video]

Crow Creek dorm rock wall

That's A Wrap! - OFMC and National Park Service Replace the Crow Creek Tribal School

Department of the Interior agencies team up to complete the ARRA-funded school in South Dakota. [Video]

MAXIMO Training Schedule Photo

Focus: MAXIMO Training Schedule

With the transition from FMIS to MAXIMO scheduled to be completed next month, training has become the focus.

Del Lavadure at Montana water electric panel

Briefly: Fort Peck Water Project Dedication Features Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Del Laverdure

The Fort Peck Dry Prairie Rural Water Supply Project was dedicated in August by Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Del Laverdure.

Hunters Point  library evening

Hunters Point Library Opens

An 8,000 square foot replacement library/classroom building opened in August at Hunters Point Boarding School in Arizona.

Kickapoo library entrance

Kickapoo Library Gives School a New Face

Kansas school gets a new 6,522 square foot library built onto the front of the old school.

Blackwater modular with machines

Blackwater Gets Cafeteria, Classrooms

Three modular buildings have been constructed at Blackwater Community School in Arizona, including a cafeteria.

Sitting bull modular veterans memorial

Three Classrooms Add Space to Sitting Bull Day School

Enrollment jump prompts need for three new portable classrooms at South Dakota school.

Circle of life Illusion

Circle of Life Replacement School Adds Illusion to Minnesota's White Earth Reservation

From a distance, the colored bricks in the gymnasium wall seem to curve, though they are placed in the customary manner. [Video]

Oneida tanks

Oneida Nation School Gets New Air-Cooled Chiller, Tanks for HVAC

Wisconsin school moves from a 270 ton unit to a more more effi cient 155 ton unit, with electrical cost savings estimated at $10,000 to $15,000 per year.

Loneman dancers

Ceremony Opens Replacement School in Loneman, S.D.

New ground source heat pump cooling system allows Loneman Day School students to weather South Dakota heat wave that shut down other schools. [Video]

July 2012

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Demolition Water Tower photo

Demolition Dominates 2012 Space Reduction

256,00 square feet of buildings is removed from Indian Affairs facilities inventory.

Lead graphic for detention center conditions

Focus on Detention Center Facility Conditions Pays Off

Conditions at Office of Justice Services detention centers improve, according to the FMIS Facilities Condition Index.

rocky boys dorm photo

Rocky Boy's Detention Center Opens

OFMC will supply Operations & Maintenance (O&M) funding for part of the new Chippewa Cree Tribal Justice Center which opened in May on the Rocky Boy’s Reservation in Montana.

Ute mtn wall mural used as teaser for Energy

Solar Hot Water Heating Saves Thousands of Dollars Annually at Ute Mountain Detention Facility

Pilot energy project shows potential for Office of Justice Services detention centers.

Mural teaser photo from Pine Ridge

Focus: Murals Facing Destruction

Many Indian Affairs schools feature murals by local artists. The time to arrange for the preservation of such artwork should be well before the building is ready to be demolished.

Construction of quarters 1 for briefs

Briefs: July 2012

iQMIS to be Implemented in August; National Housing Assignment Policy Assists in Determining Priority Occupants | Crosswalking Data Screens Show Progress Toward FBMS’s November Implementation | School Construction Handbook Updated

EMAP teaser photo of traditional fishing site

Columbia River Shines Due to Clean Up of Tribal Fishing Sites

DECRM environmental auditors and the general public praise the conditions of tribal fishing sites owned by the BIA.

Loneman school teaser photo

Loneman Day School Readied for August Opening

Loneman Day School in South Dakota is 56,859 square feet and will serve a projected 267 students.

Blackfeet Dorm teaser photo

Planning Focuses on Final Schools on FY2004 Replacement School List

Ten of 14 Schools listed on the Replacement School Construction Priority List in the March 24, 2004 Federal Register have been built.

Rough Rock dorm room photo used as teaser

Three LEED Awards Given For Rough Rock Community School

The U.S. Green Building Council’s Gold Award goes to the high school dorm and the elementary school building. The elementary school dorm earns a Silver Award.

Sanostee photo of Emerson and others used as teaser

Sanostee Day School’s April Opening

Celebrating the April opening of Sanostee Day School are OFMC Deputy Director Emerson Eskeets (left), New Mexico Navajo North Education Line Office Facility Supervisor Sandra Ahasteen and Project Manager Melvin Tsethlikai who works for OFMC’s Navajo Regional Office.

St. Francis Indian School gymnasium teaser photo

Department of the Interior’s Key ARRA Project Opens in South Dakota

OFMC’s St. Francis Indian School gymnasium and kitchen addition is the Department’s 4,000th Project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Fire fighter training home page photo

OFMC Structural Fire Protection Program Training Returns to Quileute, Wash.

Twenty-nine firefighters from the Northern Tier came to Quileute, while 50 from the Southwest attended training in Socorro, N.M., last month.

April 2012

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OFECR Lead Radon Photo

Radon Gas Testing Underway

Rocky Mountain Region’s Blackfeet Dorm and St. Stephens Indian School are pilot testing locations to inaugurate OFMC’s radon testing.

OFECR Lead Photo Water

Water Quality Initiative Begins

OFMC will be ensuring good facility conditions and proper testing at scores of Indian Affairs water treatment plants.

OFECR Solar Photo

Havasupai Solar Panels Gets EPA OK

Water system, school must be priority on power distribution, says EPA.

OFECR Havasupi Heli Photo

Havasupai Elementary School’s Modular Classroom Arrives Via Helicopter

Students will have a new modular classroom with reliable bathrooms.

OFECR SS Sprinkler Photo

Structural Fire Protection Focuses on Alarms, Sprinklers

San Simon Elementary School is just one stop on alarm initiative.

OFECR Woodpeckers Photo

Woodpeckers Prompt Shift in Roofing TPO

Wind and birds cause turmoil atop Arizona school.

OFECR Focus Chemwa Photo

Focus: Paint Ball at Chemawa

Proceeds from private enterprises on leased Indian Trust land at Chemawa Indian School could directly benefit student activity.

OFECR Briefs Photo

Briefs: April 2012

Hopi Tap Water Safe Again | FMMS Transition Continues | O&M Set for Administration at Santa Fe Indian School | Rough Rock Gets New Fire Station, Truck

OFECR No Image Placeholder Photo

OFMC, OJS Working on Employee Housing, Modular Offices

OFMC and the Office of Justice Services have created priority lists for both constructing new employee quarters and installing modular buildings to serve as police offices and substations.

BIE Modular Photo

OFMC, BIE Working On Modular Buildings

OFMC and BIE are addressing modular classroom or office needs at 19 locations across Indian Country based upon BIE’s August 2011 request for more classroom and office space due to increasing enrollment or deteriorating conditions in existing buildings.

OFECR Trench Photo

DSRM: Using POWER to Reduce Injury and Job Time Loss

Indian Affairs did not meet its required goals of a 4 percent annual decrease in total cases rates and lost time case rates for injury and illness. Indian Affairs showed a 5 percent and 10 percent increase, respectively.

OFECR Rever Photo

OFECR Director Jack Rever to Retire

Indian Affairs has decreased the number of schools and dormitories in poor condition from 114 to 63 during Rever’s tenure.