Indian Affairs | Marketing


DEMD provides a wide range of marketing areas for Tribes.

We promote Tribes and resources at various forums and conferences.

Talk about forums: wind, aggregate, limestone and the benefits of these meetings.  Ability to meet with companies one-on-one and discuss potential business opportunities.  DEMD staff to work with Tribes as 'consultants' and help review all proposed business agreements.  Links to documents from previous forums if acceptable?

Talk about conferences: promote the basic idea of working on Indian Lands, ability to get the word out about potential resources on said lands, and ability to focus marketing efforts to Tribes we work with (for example the wind atlas promotes 20+ Tribes).  We also should talk about how we bring Tribes to conferences to promote themselves and network with other conference attendees, as well as attend lectures and discussions.  Show pictures from conferences.

Talk about the marketing tools we can provide to help Tribes.  Brochures, Atlas, etc.  Link to our publications.

Talk about DEMDs ability to provide marketing research that betters business plans and resource definition.  This also helps define the competition and major players in the various fields/areas, so Tribes are better prepared when negotiating and investing money. 


Talk about how to request DEMD help in any of these areas.