Indian Affairs | Oil and Gas Management Software (NIOGEMS)

Oil and Gas Management Software (NIOGEMS)

DEMD staff has developed an easy-to-use, map oriented software application to assist energy and mineral producing Indian Tribes in managing their energy and mineral resources. Specifically:

• The National Indian Oil & Gas Evaluation & Management System (NIOGEMS) is a software application developed to assist energy and mineral producing Indian Tribes.

• This was designed to be a decision-making information tool to help Tribal and Federal Government resource managers and staff by providing realty, natural resource, geo-technical, and financial information on land parcels, leasing, and oil & gas resources in a user-friendly interface.

• NIOGEMS consolidates many types of text, tabular and map data customized and ready-to-go for a reservation from a variety of sources:

     • BIA – TAAMS lease and ownership information

     • BLM – GCDB PLSS land grid and Oil & Gas Agreements data

     • IHS Global Inc. – Oil & Gas well information and production information
        [IHS used to be Information Handling Services, but now is just, IHS Global Inc.]

     • ONRR – Oil & Gas production data

     • USGS, Census, NRCS, Tribes, and many other sources.

• Some of the reservations supported by the use of NIOGEMS include:
Alabama-Coushatta, Blackfeet, Crow, Fort Berthold, Fort Peck, Jicarilla Apache, Navajo, Rocky Boys, Southern Ute, Uintah and Ouray, Ute Mountain Ute, Wind River.

• NIOGEMS Support staff provides user training and support.  The software, data, training and support are all provided at no cost to a requesting Tribe and Federal Government agency.

NIOGEMS Fact Sheet