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Business Development

If tribes wish to engage in any business operation it is essential that they first establish a proper business environment.  To have greater success in new business development, tribes need to be as accessible to prospective business activities as possible. In many cases tribes lack the fundamental set of rules that guide business dealings and allow for proper economic development. These rules include corporate codes, limited liability company codes and commercial codes.  If tribes and tribal members wish to own and operate businesses on tribal lands, four essential steps must be taken first to create a proper business environment:

  1. Adopt Corporations Codes
  2. Adopt LLC Codes
  3. Adopt Uniform Commercial Codes/The Model Tribal Secured Transactions Act
  4. Hire qualified business managers

Create a Successful Business and Regulatory Environment 

For DEMD's full step-by-step process of creating a successful business and regulatory environment for tribal energy resource development, please view this link.

 BDT Process