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Corporate Outreach

No matter what you manufacture or the services you offer, DED can find a location for your operations on an Indian reservation that will serve your bottom line.

DED works to acquaint employers with specific reservations which offer greener, cheaper electricity and more predictable energy costs.  Our office has identified reservations where electricity can be provided at below-market rates - and most are fueled by renewable energy sources.  These locations should be particularly attractive to energy-intensive and the other advantages of doing business in Indian Country, including:

  • Lack of regulatory barriers;
  • Absence of sales and ad valorem taxes;
  • Sales tax exemptions for equipment purchased outside the reservation but used there;
  • Exemptions from local, county, and state zoning and land use controls;
  • Frequent availability of New Market Tax Credits;
  • Expanded financing opportunities for operations on Indian land;
  • Availability of HubZone, "Empowerment Zone," and foreign trade zone designations; and,
  • Access to Federal Acquisition Regulation 26.102, which provides a five-percent incentive from the U.S. Department of Defense for contracting with an Indian-owned business.

To schedule a meeting, please contact:

     Jack R. Stevens

     Chief, Division of Economic Development

     Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development

     U.S. Department of the Interior

     (202) 208-6764