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Handbooks are typically companions to Indian Affairs Manual (IAM) policy chapters, conveying a greater level of detail (i.e., the “how to” procedures) for employees and customers. The Handbook “Title” should reference the program topic covered in the IAM chapter(s).

Handbook TitleDescriptionApproved or Issued Date
1 IAM-H: Indian Affairs Directives HandbookProvides instructions and examples to assist in producing the policies and supporting documents that affect IA programs and activities. Includes templates and examples.11/24/14 (Updated)
5 IAM 2-H: Single Audit Report Supplemental HandbookProvides specific procedures for initiating, resolving, and closing single audit reports, and includes examples and templates.08/26/16
13 IAM 3-H: Indian Self-Determination Awarding Official Certification System (AOCS) HandbookImplements a certification system for those designated/delegated the authority to function as an awarding official for P.L. 93-638 contracts and grants.12/10/07
25 IAM: Safety and Health Handbook for Field OperationsThis Handbook was developed to complement Part 25of the IAM on Safety & Occupational Health.  This Handbook lays the groundwork for incorporating
occupational safety and health into the planning of all bureau work
projects and tasks.
28 IAM 2-H: Attendance and Leave HandbookProvides information for employees, supervisors, managers, and human resources specialists regarding responsibilities for attendance and leave administration.10/12/16
28 IAM 335-H: Indian Affairs Merit Promotion and Placement and Excepted Service HandbookDocuments the procedures required to implement the merit promotion and placement policy (28 IAM 335). This handbook is intended primarily for HR professionals but may also be useful to IA employees.



52 IAM 2-H: Standards for Indian Trust Lands Boundary Evidence HandbookSupplements the Department Manual 303 DM 7. Provides guidance for the preparation of four certificates which document and formalize the collection and analysis of boundary evidence relating to Indian trust assets: Land Description Review Certificate, Chain of Surveys Certificate, Certificate of Inspection and Possession, and Boundary Assurance Certificate.05/14/12
52 IAM X–H, Fluid Mineral Estate Procedural HandbookProvides procedures for each action necessary to accomplish management of Fluid Mineral estate. The Fluid Mineral estate consists of the subsurface resources of Hydrocarbons (Oil and natural gas, and various other gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, and nitrogen) and Geothermal.08/14/12
53 IAM 2-H: Indian Forest Management Handbook – Forest Management PlanningReplaces 53BIAM Supplement 2; Provides information and procedures applicable to forest management planning.03/18/09
53 IAM 3-H: Indian Forest Management Handbook - Contract Sales of Forest ProductsReplaces 53 BIAM Supplement 3 & Timber Sale Records Handbook; Provides information, procedures, and processes to prepare and administer a contract sale of Indian trust forest products. 06/10/04
53 IAM 4-H: Indian Forest Management Handbook -- Permit Sales of Forest ProductsReplaces 53 BIAM Supplement 4 & Timber Sale Records Handbook; Information, procedures & processes for harvesting Indian trust forest products with or without permits.06/15/05
53 IAM 5-H: Indian Forest Management Handbook -- Forest DevelopmentReplaces 53 BIAM Supplement 5; Provides guidance on procedures and processes necessary to prepare, administer and report on forest development projects on Indian forest lands.12/15/06
53 IAM 7-H: Indian Forest Management Handbook - Forest TrespassReplaces 53 BIAM Supplement 7; Describes procedures for resolving forest trespass situations on Indian trust land.02/17/06
53 IAM 9-H: SilvicultureReplaces all previous versions.04/30/12
53 IAM 10-H: Woodland ManagementDocuments the practices and procedures required to implement the Woodland Management policy (53 IAM 10); namely to manage woodland resources on Indian lands.10/18/16
53 IAM 11-H: Indian Forest Management Handbook -- Forest Management DeductionsReplaces 53 BIAM & Timber Sale Records Handbook; Provides the information, procedures, and processes to collect, monitor, and distribute forest management deductions.02/01/06
55 IAM-H: Safety of Dams Program HandookProvides operating procedures and guidance in one location in order to achieve the Safety of Dams program mission more effectively. This Handbook applies to all new and existing BIA high- and significant-hazard potential dams.08/22/14
59 IAM 3-H: National Environmental Policy Act GuidebookProvides guidance for preparing documents required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969, and the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations implementing NEPA for BIA actions. This is an update to the 2005 version of the Handbook.


(corrected version loaded March 2013)

90 IAM 1.4 C (2)a-H: Fuels Management Program Planning and Implementation GuideProvides standard operating procedures and guidelines for the administration and management of the BIA Hazardous Fuels Reduction Program, and is intended as a supplement to the Interagency Prescribed Fire Planning and Implementation Procedures Reference Guide. This Handbook also supports operational guidance established in 90 IAM 1.4C (2)-H, Fuels Management.12/05/08
90 IAM 1.4 C (6)-H: National Wildfire Prevention HandbookStandard operating procedures, guidelines, and policy for managing and administering the BIA Wildfire Prevention Program, including prevention planning, implementation, evaluation, and reporting.06/29/12
90 IAM 1.4 C (7)-H: Fuels Program Business Management HandbookFunctions as a companion text to the BIA Fuels Management Handbook. Provides general program business management direction for the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and Non-WUI Hazardous Fuels Reduction (HFR) programs.02/01/06
90 IAM 1.4C (10)-H: National Wildfire Investigations HandbookEstablishes the roles and responsibilities in wildfire investigations on Indian forest and agricultural lands, and establishes national BIA investigation procedures and documentation requirements from the initial response through  the litigation process.09/28/12
Construction in Progress HandbookProvides the procedures for recording costs in the Construction-in-Progress (CIP) account for BIA-managed construction projects where ownership or ultimate ownership of the facility will reside with BIA04/01/05
Correspondence HandbookProvides guidance to employees and managers who write, type, review or surname correspondence.06/01/04
Fee-to-Trust HandbookThis is revision 1 of Version IV. Version IV was released on 5/16/16. These updates add procedures for requesting reservation proclamations (at section 3.4.1) and make other minor editing updates throughout the handbook.06/28/16

Indian Probate Procedural Handbook

Provides the requirements and procedures for probate case preparation and processing, including estates subject to the American Indian Probate Reform Act.

01/19/09             Updated version in review

Leasing and Permitting Handbook

Provides general requirements for processing agricultural, residential, and business leases and permits on Indian trust lands under the jurisdiction of the BIA.  03/06/06
Space Management: Request for Space HandbookProvides guidance for the acquisition of direct leased and General Services Administration (GSA)-provided space by programs and offices within Indian Affairs.9/16/14