Indian Affairs | 1999

1999 Press Releases


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Last Surviving Comanche Code Talker To Receive Honor From Departments Of Defense And Interior
Bureau Of Indian Affairs Elevates Accounting Division
Federal Workgroup Seeks Tribal Dump Clean Up Project Proposals
BIA Police: More Than Law Enforcement
TAAMS Wins Government Computer News Award
Bureau Of Indian Affairs Announces Net Day 1999
Babbitt, Gover To Discuss BIA Management Report Budgetary Concerns And Tribal Priority Funds To Be Highlighted At Thursday Briefing
Gover To Keynote National American Indian Tourism Conference
Cabletron Inc. Makes Donation To Help Indian Schools To Connect To The Internet
Sponsors Water Resource Management Workshop For Alaska Natives
Riverside Indian School Athletes Compete In World Special Olympics
TAAMS Works!!!
BIA Responds To Pine Ridge Tornado Disaster
BIA Provides Ground Coordination To Fight The Fire At The Fort Apache Reservation
Babbitt And Gover To "Power-Up" The Trust Assets Accounting Management System
Three Government Agencies Join Forces To Combat Problems Among Native American Youth
Reconsideration Of The Final Determination And Order Directing Consideration Of Golden Hill Paugussett Petition Under All Seven Mandatory Criteria
Interior Department To Hold Panel Discussion On Indian Trust Land Amendment
Interior Department To Streamline Policies For Taking Land Into Trust For Indians
New Final Regulation On Indian Gaming To Be Published
Education, Public Safety, And Restoration Of The Environment