Indian Affairs | 1996

1996 Press Releases


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H20 For S&F The Sac And Fox Nation Of Oklahoma Settles Water Pollution Lawsuit
Tribes To Benefit From GSA And Interior Department Communications Initiative
Interior Department Recommends Legislative Options To Resolve Tribal Trust Fund Balance Disputes
Shoshone-Bannock, Fort Hall, Idaho, Dedicates Native American Alternative School
BIA Denounces The Killing Of Eagles For Commercial Purposes
BIA Sponsors National American Indian Heritage Day Celebration November 20, 1996
29 Tribal College In 12 States To Benefit From Executive Order
60 Year Old Indian Land Law Upheld
BIA-USGS Forge Partnership Science And Environmental Educational Opportunities Expanded For Indian Students
Indian Tribal Governments Take Welfare Reform Seriously
Truckee River Water Dispute Resolved Pyramid Lake Tribe Dismisses Lawsuit
Ada E. Deer, Assistant Secretary For Indian Affairs , Joins Multi-Nation Summit To Protect Arctic Environment
Faster New School Construction To Benefit Indian Children
Delaware Tribe Of Eastern Oklahoma Independent Tribal Status Reinstated
Golden Hill Paugussetts Of Connecticut Fail To Meet Mandatory Requirement For Federal Acknowledgment
Ada E. Deer Assist Ant Secretary For Indian Affairs Speaks On Affirmative Action
BIA Proposes Not To Recognize Washington Group Duwamish Fail To Meet Criteria For Tribal Acknowledgment
American Indian Tribe Reverts To Ancestral Name Spirit Lake New Name For Devil’s Lake
Indian Self-Determination Regulations Effective
Bureau Of Indian Affairs Recognizes Patrick A. Hayes’ Accomplishments
Interior Department And Microsoft Join In New Partnership To Bring Computer Technology To Remote Indian Schools
U.S. Supreme Court Review Requested 60 Year Old Indian Land Law Declared Unconstitutional
Deer Says Education Budget Cuts Hurt Indian Children
Grandmother Katie Previals Over The State Of Alaska On Subsistence Fishing Rights
Assistant Secretary Deer Delivers Budget Cut Warning
Notice Of Advanced Rule Making For Indian Gaming Published In The Federal Register (61 F.R. 21394)
Congressional Bill Threatens Indian Children
Alcohol-Related Birth Defects Awareness Week Proclaimed
President Clinton Approves Extension For Publication Of Indian Self-Determination Regulations
Secretary Babbitt Strengthens Indian Resource Protection
Tribal Sovereignty Upheld Montana’s Challenge To EPA Authority Rejected
Tribal Right To Sue Stricken
BIA 1997 Budget Seeks Restoration Of Tribal Priority Funds
Assistant Secretary -Indian Affairs Applauds Efforts Of Vice President Gore
Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs Finds The Ramapough Mountain Indians, Inc. –New Jersey Do Not Meet Federal Standards For Acknowledgement
Assistant Secretary -Indian Affairs Co-Grand Marshall In Martin Luther King, Jr., Celebration