Indian Affairs | 1982

1982 Press Releases


Article Title

Secretary Watt To Meet With Indian Leaders, Governors And Industry Spokesmen To Continue Process Of Resolving Indian Water Claims
Draft Regulation On Proposed Indian Initiatives Distributed
Minerals Management Service Extends Deadline For Reporting Production Startups
Fishing Regulations For Indians Of Hoopa Valley Reservation Published
Proposals Address Overselected Alaska Lands
BIA Publishes Regulations On Pribilof Islands Membership Roll
Watt Seeks Negotiated Settlement For Indian Water Claims Suits; Will Create Negotiating Teams And Advisory Groups To Guide Settlement
Fishing Regulations For Treaty Indians In Fraser River Fishery
Four BIA Area Directors Receive New Assignments
Crow Tribe Enters Agreement With BIA To Solve Fiscal, Administrative Problems
Source Directory Issued For Authentic Native American Arts & Crafts
No Environmental Problem In Proposed Maine Indian Timber Sale
No Significant Impact From Coushatta Indian Oil Exploration Project
Interior Announces BIA Reorganization
BIA Proposes Revised Regulations For Hoopa Reservation Fishing
Crow Tribe Found Insolvent
Hearings On Proposed Paiute Indian Reservation Plan Are Scheduled
BIA Invited To Observe Red Lake Elections
Proposed Regulations On Pribilof Islands Membership Roll Are Being Published
BIA Will Transfer Fifteen Schools To State System
No Significant Environmental Issues In Miccosukee Oil-Gas Proposal
Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Indian Reservation Reviewed
Report On Indian Reservation Population Available
Bureau of Indian Affairs Announces Closing Of Utah Office
BIA Announces Hearings On Proposed School Closings
Stevens Named BIA Phoenix Area Director
BIA Offers To Continue Operation Of 21 Village Schools In Alaska
Interior Official Announces That Indian Art School Will Continue
Indian Affairs Names Ten Directors For Consultation
No Significant Environmental Issues In Reservation Oil Project, BIA Says
Interior Announces Changes In BIA Organization
Bureau of Indian Affairs’ 1983 Appropriation Request Is $1.05 Billion
Interior Budget Calls For Increased Funding Of National Parks, Western Water, Minerals Development; Economies Requested In Many Other Activities
BIA Official Will Negotiate Transfer Of Schools To State System
Secretary Watt Names Acting Head Of New Minerals Management Service
Earl Barlow Appointed BIA Area Director In Minneapolis
Secretary Watt Overhauls Mineral Royalties Management System
Minerals Management Service To Play Key Role In Curbing Royalty Thefts
Interior Indian Official Talks Business With Indian Contractors