Indian Affairs | 1975

1975 Press Releases


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Navajo Judgment Fund Plan is Published
Winnebago Judgment Fund Plan Being Published
Creek Judgment Fund Plan Announced
Cherokee Judgment Fund Plan Published
BIA Minneapolis Area Director is Appointed
Indian Commissioner Urges Kickapoos to Resolve Factional Issues
Regulations Governing Minors' Shares of Indian Judgment Funds are Published
Incorporators Elected for Thirteenth Region for Alaska Natives
Indian Groups Receive Job Opportunities Funding
BIA Prepares for Implementation of Self-Determination Act
Barber Named Superintendent for Cheyenne River Agency
Pawnee Agency Superintendent Appointed
Alaska Natives to Discuss 13th Region Formation
New Legislation Adds Land to-Indian Reservations
Drapeaux Named Deputy for BIA's Aberdeen Area
Allen Appointed Superintendent at Phoenix Indian School
Oglala Sioux Receive 1,600 Acres
Northern Tonto Apache Judgment Fund Plan Published
Regulations for Osage Education Fund Published
Major Firms, Indian Manufacturers will Meet in Chicago
Thirteenth Region Established for Alaska Natives
New Regulations Protect Indian Consumers
Proposed Regulations for Removing Persons From Alaskan Roll are Being Published
Indian Self-Determination Act Regulations Published
Contract Awarded for New Buildings at Haskell
Indian Woman Appointed BIA Agency Superintendent
Regulations for Enrollment of Warm Springs Indians Being Published
Intermountain School Transferred to Phoenix Area
BIA's Fort Yuma Subagency Raised to Agency Status
BIA Establishes Agency for Michigan Indians
Frizzell Orders Central Utah Project Accelerated
Superintendent Appointed at Fort Totten Agency
Jicarilla Apache Judgment Fund Plan is Announced
Contracts Awarded for Navajo Road Construction
McCabe Appointed BIA Superintendent at Shiprock
Distribution Plan for Ottawa Indian Funds Announced
Pueblo Judgment Fund Plan Being Published
Stewart School Superintendent is Named
Polling List of Osage Indians Being Prepared
Indian Commissioner Discusses Pine Ridge Report
Remarks of Secretary of the Interior Stanely K. Hathaway Before the National Congress of American Indians
Yankton Sioux Plan for Judgment Funds is Announced
Indian Students Take Part in Congressional Seminar
Speaks Named BIA Superintendent at Anadarko
Navajo Career Development Program Schedules Open House
Contract Amendment Would Allow Use of Navajo Reservoir Water for Coal Gasification Complex
Stanley K. Hathaway Become 40th Interior Secretary
New Fishing Regulations for Metaakatla Indians are Published
Preliminary Injunction Issued in Blackbird Bend Case
Navajo-Hopi Relocation Commission Appointed
Zephier Named BIA Aberdeen Area Director
Chiricahua Apache Judgment Fund Plan Being Published
Indian Self-Determination Regulations will be Reviewed at Regional Meetings
Commissioner Thompson Endorses Bill of Rights for Foster Children
Morton Cites Accomplishments In Indian Affairs
Carl Cornelius Appointed BIA Field Administrator
BIA will Study Education Needs of Pre-School Children
BIA Establishes Housing Improvement Program Regulations
New Regulations Authorize Appeals to Interior Board of Indian Appeals
Indian Commissioner Welcomes White House Announcement
Oklahoma Tribes Receive Land Under New Act
Regulations for Indian Loan Guaranty and Insurance Fund are Published
Institute of American Indian Arts will Become a Junior College
Menominee Land Restored to Reservation Status
Billie Ott, Choctaw, Appointed to BIA Washington Position
112 Tribes are Eligible for BIA Tribal Government Development Help
Romero Appointment to BIA Winnebago Agency is Announced
Alton Nordwall Appointed Deputy Director of BIA Muskogee Area
Indian Woman Named Intergovernmental Relations Officer for BIA
BIA Will Provide High School for Hooper Bay
Fund Distribution Plans for Western Washington Indians Being Published
Hearing Scheduled on Proposed Uranium Mining on Ute Reservation
1975 Indian Calendar Lists Fairs, Festivals, Other Attractions
New Regulations Called 'Breakthrough' by Indian Commissioner
Northern Paiute Enrollment Regulations Published
Menominee Enrollment Regulations are Completed
Committee on Indian Trust Responsibilities Being Formed
Navajo Named Interior's Woman of the Month
Gillis Appointed Turtle Mountain Superintendent
BIA Assistant Area Director Appointed
McDonald Appointed Mescalero Agency Superintendent
Distribution Plan of Red Lake Band Approved
Lawrence Appointed Superintendent at Colorado River Agency
Kahklen Appointed Assisstant Area Director
BIA Commissioner Outlines Action Plans for Pine Ridge
Booklet Answers Questions About Indians
Consultation Meetings with Indian Leaders are Scheduled
Period of Comment Extended for Coal Lease Operations
Navajo Irrigation Project Will Begin Operation in Bicentennial Year
BIA Asks $48 million Increase for '76
Morton Issues Policy Statement on Indian Use of Bird Feathers
BIA Public Information Officer Appointed
Regulations for Indian Revolving Loan Fund Being Published
Rider Named Fort Peck Agency Superintendent
Northern Paiute Proposed Enrollment Regulations Published
Land Near Grand Canyon Restored to Havasupai Indians
Last Mandan Indian, 108, is Buried
Honor for Commissioner Thompson Reflects Indian Progress, Morton Says
American Indians to Purchase Willard Hotel for National Headquarters, Cultural Center
Program Will Promote Indian Businesses