Indian Affairs | 1970

1970 Press Releases


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New Town in Alaska For Minto Indians
The White House H.R. 471 Declares Certain Lands in Carson National Forest are Held in Trust for the Pueblo de Taos
Order Extending Alaska Land Freeze Signed by Acting Secretary Russell
Interior Department Proposes Revised Regulations in Indian Probate
Secretary Hickel Unveils Dramatic Changes in BIA
Indian Records Never Out of Date
Traveling Art Studios Bring Cultural Studies to Indian Schools
Indians Offer New and Different Christmas Gift That Provides Them With College Scholarships
Secretary Hickel Sets Oct 5-9 as Interior Job Corps Environmental Quality Week
Justice Department Files Indian Fishing Rights Case
Roll to be Prepared of Confederated Peoria Indians to Share in Indian Claim Award
Old Law Makes New Policy for Indian Bureau
Contracts Let For Indian Training Centers
Secretary Hickel Appoints Sam Yankee to the National Advisory Board for Sport Fisheries and Wildlife
New Indian Bureau Program To Aid Indian Parolees
Statement by Secretary of the Interior Walter J. Hickel on Passage by the Senate of the Alaska Native Land Claims Bill
Indian Affairs Commissioner Bruce Praises President's Message on Indians
Statement by Secretary of the Interior Walter J. Hickel on President Nixon's Special Message to Congress on Indians
Secretary Hickel Launches Inspection Tour of Crowed National Park System Areas
Secretary Hickel To Give Interior Department Valor Award To Eight Employees
Summer Indian Studies Program Set For Navajo and Santa Fe
Indians Are Operating More Programs For Indians
Indian Financing Up $58.5 Million in 1969
New Edition of Popular Indian Calendar of Events
Hopi Gets First Indian Small Businessman of Year Award
Indians Getting More of the Action on Their Own Reservations
Indian Claims Commission Granted More Than $45 Million During 1969
Remarks by Commisoner of Indian Affairs Louis R. Bruce Before the Conference on Modern American Indians
Remarks by Secretary of the Interior Walter J. Hickel Before National Council on Indian Opportunity
Executive Realignment Announced For Bureau of Indian Affiars