Indian Affairs | 1967

1967 Press Releases


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Indian Snow Fighters Moving in to Help Storm-Stricken Navajos
Everything Humanly Possible Being Done for Storm-Stricken Indians
Amend Bill Suggested Regarding Gifts for Indians
Oregon and Washington Fisheries Directors Confer with Interior Officials on Indian Columbia River Fishing Rights
Navajos Authorized to Purchase Stocks for Tribal Scholarship Fund
Secretary Udall Sends Representative to Aid Alaska Natives on Legislation
Agreement Adds Some Crow Indian Lands to Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area
Roll to be prepared for Chehalis Indians of Washington State
Indian Bureau Slates Adult Education Seminar
Twenty-Six Artists and Artisans Take Thirty-Three Award Honors in Indian Arts and Crafts Exhibit
New Indian Affairs Program Helps Off-Reservation Indians Get Homes
Roll to be Prepared of Wisconsin’s Brotherton Indians to Share in Indian Claim Award
Young Indians to be Taught More about Their Heritage
Indians Take on More and More of the Load of Reservation Programs, Self-Help
Udall Appoints Barrett Superintendent of Florida Indian Reservation
Remarks from Robert L. Bennett at the Governor’s Interstate Indian Council, Reno, NV
Bureau of Indian Affairs Names New Superintendent to Jicarilla Agency
Eighth Bureau of Indian Affairs Job Corps Center to be Dedicated
Seminars Boost Indian Community Development
Indian Bureau, Justice Department to Cooperate in Parole Program
Santa Rosa School Contract Awarded
Indian Industrial Development Meeting Scheduled in Oklahoma
Will Rogers, Jr. Named Assistant to Federal Indian Commissioner
Cooperative Agreement Signed to Promote Alaskan Reindeer Production
Zuni Plant Plans Completed in Ninety Days
William Benge Given Seneca Assignment
Four Million Dollar Award Payment to Creek Indians Proposed by Interior
Bill Submitted to End Federal Ties with Seneca Indians
Secretary Udall to Go to Four Western States Next Week
Arizona Indians First in Country to Form Economic Planning Group Under EDA
Indian Arts and Crafts Board has New Chairman and New Member
Indian Timber Sales Income Sets All Time High
Electricity Arrives as Part of New Life for Alamo Navajos
Indian Run Motels Get Further Boost By Commissioner’s Letter
Charles N. Zellers Appointed New Indian Education Chief
Secretary Udall Approves Changes in Indian Vote Code to Aid Tribal Government
Multi-Million-Dollar Brainpower Bank Helps Guide Interior’s Conservation Work
Lloyd New to Head Indian Art Institute
Indian Owned and Operated Motels Proposed in Upcoming Talks with Motel Chain
Reclamation Building to House Navajo Electronic Factory
Computer Scholarship Offered Choctaw Indian
Udall Hails Zuni Tax as Force for Tribal Development
Multi-Million-Dollar Indian Training Contracts Renewed
George W. Hubley Will Head Indian Bureau Economic Division
Interior Recommends Increase in Indian Vocational Funds
New Indian Fishing Regulations Issued by Interior Department
Indian Tribal Leaders Being Advised of Legislative Matters
The Beginning of a New Day on the Rosebud Reservation
Legion Officials and Charles Reno Invited to Custer Last Stand Ceremonies
Indian Bureau Names Director for Anadarko Area Office
Alaska Land Claims Settlement Bill Submitted to Congress by Interior
Indian Commissioner Hails Electric Power Agreement for Indian Tribe
Information Office Changes Announced for Bureau of Indian Affairs
Deadline Nears for Miami Indian Claim Filing
Interior Supports Three Indian Bills New Before Congress
Interior Favors Bill to Settle Boundary Between Navajo and Ute Mountain Tribes
Statement by Secretary Udall on Fort Mc Dowell Restoration
Udall Hails Year of Progress for Indians
Secretary Udall Issues Statement on Indian Education Programs
Interior Recommends Amended Leasing Act for Indian Lands
Potter Maria Martinez and Family to Show Work in Interior Gallery
Newbriefs from the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Young Papago Indians Head for Washington to See and Be Seen
Indian Reservation in Minnesota Becomes Eagle Sanctuary
BIA to Finance Recruitment of Indian Peace Corpsmen
Indian Adoption Project Increases Momentum
Changes in Rights-of-Way Over Indian Lands
Newsbriefs from the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Missile Parts Plant Set for Navajo Area
Interior Favors Amending Act Governing Uses of Income from Navajo Land Leases in Utah
American Indians Seek European Markets for Crafts
Two Cabinet Members Note Job Corps
Amphenol Dedicates New Plant on Land Leased From Seminoles
Nevada, Utah, Colorado Indians Described in BIA Booklet
New Regulations for Constitutional Elections of Some Indian Tribes
Rule Changes Proposed in Osage Election Regulations
Weather was Key to Heavy Interior Department Fire Losses During 1966
Indian Artist Yefee Kimball to Exhibit Work in Interior Gallery
Interior Recommends Extension for Indian Claims Commission
BIA Reassigns Two Civil Engineers
BIA Announces Reassignment of Three Officials
Six Tribes to Prepare Rolls for Judgment Monies
Wilma L. Victor, Choctaw, to Receive Federal Woman’s Award
BIA Constructs, Upgrades Indian School Facilities
BIA Awards Contract to Evaluate Education Projects
New Power Substation for Colorado River Reservation
Medal of Honor Winner Appointed Interior Job Corps Regional Coordinator
Josephy and Wilder Appointed to Interior’s Indian Arts and Crafts Board
Federal Supervision Terminated at Quartz Valley Rancheria, CA
Miss Indian America to Visit Washington
Indian Claims Awards Top $12 Million in 1966
Field Office Reassignments Announced by Indian Bureau
Interior Department Names Consultant on Economic Development
Two New Indian Employment Aid Centers to Open in OK
Employment Training Center for Indians Planned Under Half Million Dollar Contract
Key Contract Awarded for Study of Teaching English to Indians
BIA Announces Three Field Office Appointments