Indian Affairs | 1965

1965 Press Releases


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BIA Established New Area Offices at Window Rock and Albuquerque
Owen D. Moken Named Area Director of Indian Affairs at Juneau, AK
White Mountain Apaches Plan Full Week in Nation's Capital
Dam Project Authorized for Cochiti Pueblo
BIA Awards Contract For Choctaw Dormitory
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Indian Art Show to Open at DOI Art Gallery
Interior Adopts New Policy on Listing of Subcontractors
CA Rancheria Terminated By the BIA
Indian Tribes Find Bonus Benefits in Beautifying Reservations
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Alaskan Reindeer Are Airlifted to Boost New Industry
Bennett to be Deputy Commissioner of Indian Affairs; Crow Named Assit Dir fo BLM; Hoffman to be Special Asst to Sec
White Mountain Apache Indians to Donate National Christmas Tree
Poverty War Steps Up On Indian Reservations
Navajo Medicine Man to Demnstrate Art of Sandpainting
Construction Contracts Awarded for Job Corps Center on Yakima Indian Reservation
Thirty Percent Increase in Indian Scholarships Noted
Career BIA Employee James D. Hale Appointed to Choctaw Post
Water Supply Improved for Standing Rock Indians
Seventeen Indian Communities Get New School Facilities
Agreement to Utilize Navajo, Hopi Reserves Announced by Secretary of the Interior
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New On-The-Job Training Contracts Signed for 480 Indians
Neighborhood Youth Corps Gives Indian Youngsters a Step UP
Navajo Indian Rug Collection to be Shown at DOI Art Gallery
Three Contracts Awarded for Road Construction on ND and SD Indian Reservations
Industries Turn To Indians for Precision Workers
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DOI Recommends Bill for Disposition of $29.1 M Award to CA Indians
Three CA Rancherias Terminated by the BIA
Indians Urged to Take National Driver's Test
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Construction Contract Awarded for Job Corps Center on CO River Reservation
Secretary Udall Names Indian Affairs Career Attorney Chief Justice of American Samoa
Manufacturers Extend Training for Indian Workers
Richmond F. Allan of MT Named Associate Solicitor in Interior
DOI Proposes Legislation to Distribute Judgement Funds Awarded to Otoe and Missouria Tribe
Department of the Interior Recommnends Legislation Authorizing Long-term Leases for 2 AZ Indian Reservations
Interior Recommends Bill for Disposition of Northern Paiute Judgement Funds
Construction Contract Awarded for Job Corps Center on Mescalero Apache Indian Reservation
Interior Recommends Bill To Distribute Judgement Funds to Omaha Tribe of Nebraska
Contract Awarded for Road Construction on Navajo Reservation
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Construction Contract Awarded for Job Corps Center on San Carlos Indian Reservation
Two Contract Awarded for Road Projects on Dakota Reservations
Contract Awarded for Road Section on Navajo Reservation
Ponca Indians of Nebraska to Hold Referendum
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Economic Opportunity Programs Involve Many American Indians
Contract Awarded for Section of Geronimo Trail on San Carlos Reservation
Agua Calienti Indian Lands Exempted From Local Ordinance
DOI Recommends Enactment of Legislation to Permit 99 Year Leasing of Indian Land at Pyramid Lake
Three 1965 Honors Graduates From Haskell Institute
BIA Stresses Road Construction for Reservation Improvement
Secretary Udall Announces Family Planning Services
Interior Asks for $15 M Fund to Guarantee and Insure Private Lons to Indians and Indian Organizations
Interior Asks $35 M Boost in Credit Fund for Indians
DOI Approves Emergency Funds for Flood-Stricken Indians
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October 9 is Deadline for Filing Claims to Share in OK Cherokee Award
BIA Employee Awarded Prize for Invention Promoting Safety, Savings
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Grants-in-Aid Apportionment Under Land and Water Conservations Fund Act
BIA Moves to New Quarters
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Conservation Yearbook, Quest for Quality Issued by Interior Department
BIA Revamps Management in War on Waste
Reginald W. Quinn Appointed Superintendent for Seminole Agency
Interior Announces Proposal to Clarify Regulations on Indian Property
Two New Booklets Promote Tourism on Indian Reservations
Indians of Pyramid Lake, NV Plan Large Scale Recreation Development
Two BIA Appointments Announced for Portland Area
Seceretary Udall Urges Safety in Use of Interior-Administered Recreation Areas
Udall Seeks to Help Flathead Indians Obtain Increased Payments From MT Power Company
American Indian Festival to Commence April 22
DOI Proposes Legislation Providing for Distribution of Nearly $5M Indian Judgement Funds
DOI Favors Judgement Fund Distribution for OR Indian Group
Contract Awardsed for Wahpeton Indian School Dormitory
New Regulations Smooth Path For Alaska Natives to Obtain Land Allotments
DOI Announces Amendments to Federal Regulations Governing Trading With Indians
Interior Supports Bills to Increase Indian Adult Vocational Training Funds
Secretary Udall to Dedicate First Job Corps Cener in SW
BIA Announces Two Washington Office Appointments
BIA Announces 2 Appointments
Withdrawal of Special Federal Services to Ponca Indians of NE Nearing Completion
Housing Agreement Signed by BIA and PHA
Reclamation Awards $8.6 M Contract to Continue work on Navajo Irrigation Project
Commissioner of Indian Affairs Address National Confrence on Poverty in the Southwest
Agreement Announced by Interior for Recreation Development at Yellowtail Dam, MT
Indian Claims Commission Awards Over $38.5 M to Indian Tribes in 1964
Indian Bureau Reports Accomplishments in 1965
DOI Proposes Regulations Standardizing Preparation of Indian Tribal Rolls and the Filing of Enrollment Appeals Actions
Haskell Vocational Shops Contract Awarded
New House Plan Service to Spur Indian Building
Interior Bureaus Urged to Cut Losses in West Coast Flood Area
Interior Inviting Bids for Job Corps Camp Facilities