Indian Affairs | 1963

1963 Press Releases


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Interior Secretary Rejects Indian Allotment Application
Law Change Recommended to Make Indian Tribes Eligible for Planning Help
Secretary of the Interior Udall Supports Proposed Electronic Plant on Salt River Reservation
Dubray Named Winnebago Indian Agency Superintendent
Trust Period on Indian Lands Extended 5 Years
Progress in Indian Affairs Reported in FY 1963
Udall Announces $1,988,000 in Final Accelerated Public Works Projects
Top Administrators of Canadian Indian Affairs to be Guests of BIA at Phx Mtg
Rules Adopted for Government of 3 Oage Indian Villages
DOI Announces Allocations of $1,871,000 for Accelerated Works Projects
McIntosh Renamed Principal Chief of Creek Indian Tribe
Kingsley to Replace Towle at Pine Ridge Agency
DOI Announces Approval of $1,852,000 in Accelerated Public Works Projects
New Plant Providing 200 Jobs to be Located on Cherokee Indian Reservation in NC
DOI Announces $8,719,000 Job-Creating Accelerated Public Works Projects in 24 States
DOI Urges Bill Making CO River Indian Reservation Property of the Occupying Tribes
Artichoker Chosen as Northern Cheyenne Superintendent
Ten Alaskans Moving into Technical Jobs in Space Program
Legislatioin Required to Settle Lon-standing Indian Claims
Montana Indian Tribes Get Hot Springs Study
Towle Named New Area Director for Indian Bureau at Anadarko, OK
Remarks by Philleo Nash, Commissioner of Indian Affairs American Indian Affairs Today
Remarks by Philleo Nash, Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Jensen Succeeds Fleming as Superintendent of Cherokee Agency
Contract Awarded for First Indian Bureau High School Near Navajo Reservation
Howell Named Fort Berthold Superintendent
Vincent Price Renamed to Indian Arts Board
Fort Hall Community Center Contract Awarded
Two Navajo School Contracts Awarded
Interior Department Asks Boost in Authorization for Indian Vocational Training From $7.5 M to $12 M
Interior Department Restores to Indians Subsurface interest in 255,000 Acres of AZ Lands
Interior Department Supports Bill to Permit 55-year Leasing on Indian Lands
Aztec Dormitory Contract Awarded
Chickasaw Appointments Announced
Lukachuka School Contract Awarded
Contract Awarded for Navajo Building Materials Study
Rules for Ponca Tribe Enrollment Adopted By Interior
April 3 Sale of Tyonek Reserve Oil Leases Cancelled
Oil Leases Bring Nearly $650,000 in Bonuses to Utah Indians
Aneht School Contract Awarded
Gilliland Succeeds Dibbern as Head of CO River Indian Agency
Northern Cheyenne Municipal Center Contract Awarded
3 Oklahomans Move to New Indian Bureau JobsIndian Lands
Mineral Prospecting Permit Granted on Gila River Indian Lands
Alaska Task Force Reports
Interior Department favors Bill Permitting Longer Leases on Fort Mojave Indian Lands
Address by Philleo Nash Commissioner of IA
Proposed Ruls for Preparation of Ponca Membership Roll
Floyd E. Stayton Chosen to Head Haskell Institute
New Electronics Plant Providing Jobs for 200 Laguan Indians Made Possible Under Indian Bureu Pact with Company
Ten New Conservation Projects for Interior Department Announced Under Accelerated Public Works Program
Secretary Udall Announces $4970000 Additional in Accelerated Public Works Projects to Create Jobs, Aid Conservation Programs
Department's 1962 Annual Report Lists Substantial Conservation Gains
Navajo Coal-Mining Lease Approved
Secretary Udall Gives Details of $20 M in Additional Conservation Projects to Speed Employment
Nash to Visit Alaska Native Communities Jan 20-29
Phoenix School Contract Awarded
Bureau of Reclamation to Plan and Construct Navajo Indian Irrigation Project for Operation by BIA