Indian Affairs | 1959

1959 Press Releases


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Willard W. Beatty Named To Indian Arts And Crafts Board
Payments To Be Made On Western Oregon Judgement Fund At Earliest Possible Date, Seaton Announces
Nesset Named New Superintendent Of Standing Rock Indian Agency
Approval Of Contracts Between Indian Tribes And Attorneys To Be Transferred To Office Of Solicitor
Indian Land Trust Restrictions Expiring In 1960 Extended Five Years
Contract Awarded For A 1,000-Pupil School At Chinle, Arizona
Papago Indian Reservation Road Contract Awarded
Schunk Named Superintendent At Rosebud Indian Agency
Change In Federal Regulations Proposed To Lengthen Term For Oil And Gas Pipeline Rights-Of-Way Across Indian Lands
Interior Department Reaches Agreement With Menominee Indian Tribe On Termination Plan
Lee Named To Replace Greenwood As Deputy Commissioner Of Indian Bureau
Contract Awarded For Construction On Hogback Unit Of Navajo Indian Reservation
Oglala School Construction Contract Awarded
Klinlichee School Expansion Contract Awarded
Rules Change Proposed On Bonds For Mineral Leases On Indian Lands
Interior Department Transfers 52,000 Acres In Utah To Navajo Indians
Baldwin Named As Fort Peck Superintendent
White River Utilities Contract Awarded
Maytubby Reappointed Governor Of Chickasaw Tribe
Zollar Named Superintendent Of Uintah And Ouray Agency
New Indian Forest Regulations Given Final Approval
Fort Thompson Municipal Center Contract Awarded
Bear Reappointed For Two-Year Term As Creek Principal Chief
Timber Sales Bring Increased Income To Indians In Fiscal 1959
Interior Favors Legislation Giving Navajo Tribe Broader Land Authority
Bonus Bids Totaling Over $10M Received On Colorado Indian Lands
Approval Given To Ten Plans For Distribution Of Lands To California
Rosebud School Contract Awarded
Two Contracts Awarded For Road And Bridge Construction On South Dakota Indian Reservations
Interior Department Interior Department Favors Bill Permitting Ninety-Nine-Year Leases On California And Florida Indian Lands
Department Favors Legislation Transferring 10,500 Acres To Rosebud Sioux Indian Tribe Of South Dakota
Interior Department Supports Bill To Transfer About 5,000 Acres Of Federal Land To Oglala Sioux Indian Tribe
Department Adopts Regulations On Quapaw Tribal Judgment Fund Roll
Indian Bureau Personnel Moves Announced
Department Favors Bill Turning Over 7,579 Acres Of Federal Land To White Mountain Apache Indian Tribe
Interior Favors Bill Turning Over To Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Tribe Land And Buildings In Dewey County, SD
Department Favors Bill To Permit Leasing Of Colorado River Indian Reservation Lands
Department Recommends Changing Law To Set Up Priorities For Indian Adult Vocational Training
Interior Department Recommends Judgment Fund Bill For Oklahoma Indian Tribes
Department Proposes Legislation Advancing Date For Federal Purchase Of Klamath Marsh
Final Roll Of Ottawa Indian Tribe Completed
Interior Announces Results Of Competitive Bidding On Royalty Rates
Nearly 9,000 Acres On Two South Dakota Sioux Indian Reservations Restored To Tribal Jurisdiction
Awards Announced For Indian Arts And Crafts Service
Proposal To Remove Restrictions Against Road Construction Affecting Four Indian Areas
Navajo Route 1 Bridges Awarded
Route 1 Navajo Contract Awarded
Three Contracts Awarded For Road And Bridge Construction On Navajo Indian Reservation
Change In Regulations Will Permit Indian Bureau Loans To Withdrawing Klamath Members Regardless Of Degree Of Indian Blood
Contract Awarded For Indian School Construction At Fort Wingate, New Mexico
Interior Proposes Land Use Adjustment Bill For Northwest New Mexico
Interior Department Proposes Legislation Adding 350,000 Acres To Indian Tribal Land Holdings
Regulations Approved Governing Membership In California Indian Band
Road Contract For Navajo Route 1 Awarded
Indian Bureau Contract With University Of Idaho For Resource Study On Fort Hall Indian Reservation
Awards Announced For Indian Arts And Crafts Service
Department Proposes Bill Transferring Navajo Reservation Irrigation Projects To Tribal Organization
Indian Bureau Awards Contract For Road Work On Klamath Reservation
Interior Department Warns Against Lowering Safeguards For Indian Landowners
Contract Awarded For Roads On Cheyenne River Reservation
Road Contract Awarded On The Navajo Reservation
Interior Department Favors Bill Permitting Catawba Indians Of South Carolina To Divide Their Tribal Property
Contract Awarded For Indian Dormitory And Dining Facilities At Ramah, New Mexico
Interior Recommends Amending Indian Land Sale Bill To Keep Tracts In Indian Ownership
Seaton Accepts Congressional Invitation For Interior Department Participation in Congressional Hearings On Huron Cemetery
Nevada Lakefront Indian Properties Offered For Leasing
Rule Change Proposed To Broaden Leasing Of Indian Lands For Underground Storage Of Oil And Gas
Navajo Indian Reservation Road Contract Awarded
Contract Awarded for Two Indian Dormitories at Albuquerque, New Mexico
Oil And Gas Bidding On Utah Indian Lands Brings $866,695
Interior Department Favors Enactment Of H. R. 5557 And Adopts Rules For Equalizing Value Of Indian Land Holdings
Contract Awarded For Construction Of Bridges
Department Recommends Legislation For Distribution Of Indian Judgment Funds
Interior Department Recommends Legislation Making Indian Fishery Compensation Payments Tax-Exempt
Three Contracts Awarded For Road Construction Work In Indian Areas Of Oklahoma
Interior Recommends Bill To Facilitate Transfer Of Federal Indian School Properties To Local Public School Districts
Emmons Urges Remedial Action On Florida Canal To Eliminate Threat To Seminole Lands
Final Roll Of Peoria Indian Tribe Completed
Department Supports Choctaw Termination Bill Introduced In Congress At Request Of Tribal Representatives
Indian Land Rehabilitation Contract Awarded
Eleven Units Of Klamath Indian Forest To Be Offered For Sale After April 1
Indian Bureau Decides To Close School At Fort Defiance, Arizona, Because Of Safety Hazard
Florida Indians Study Proposals For Leasing Of Tribal Lands
Additional Development Of Navajo Coal Resources Seen
Apache Sport Fishing Programs Spurs Interest In Other Areas
Portland Bank Takes Over Trusteeship Of Residual Klamath Indian Estate
Approval Given To Lease That Will Provide Industrial Jobs For Oregon Indians
Contract Awarded For New Indian Dormitory At Magdalena, New Mexico
Proposal To Remove Navajo Indian Land From Roadless Classification
Final Roll Of Wyandotte Indian Tribe Completed
Flood Control Structures Contract Awarded
Educational And Economic Advances In 1958 Reported By Indian Bureau
Navajo Lands Bring High Bids For Oil And Gas Leases
Klamath Indian Lands Reappraised
Portland Bank Chosen As Trustee For Klamath Indian Property
Utah Challenge To Navajo Title Raises Moral Issues, Interior Department Warns
Expiring Indian Land Trust Restrictions Extended Five Years