Indian Affairs | 1958

1958 Press Releases


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Interior, Agriculture, Sign Agreement For Free Distribution Of Feed Grains To Navajo Indians In Distress Area
Bridge Construction Contract Awarded
Contract Awarded For Big New School On Navajo Indian Reservation
Seaton Announces Increased Loan Program To Help Alaska Natives Modernize Fishing Fleets
Klamath Indian Forest And Marsh Areas Designated
Rives Named Superintendent At San Carlos Agency
Changes In Indian Oil And Gas Leases Approved
Revised Indian Forestry Regulations Would Permit Appeal On Sale Contracts
Indian Bureau Agrees With Rosebud Sioux On Land Consolidation Program
Interior Department Asks Speed-Up Of Army Payments To Dakota Indian Tribes
Lease Safeguard Provided For Indian Lands
Dodge Named New SuperIntendent At Osage Indian Agency
Regulations Approved On Reimbursement Claims In Land Acquisitions
Contract Awarded For Temporary School On Navajo Reservation
Contract Awarded For Road On Colorado River Indian Reservation
Irrigation Construction Contract Awarded
Road And Bridge Construction Contract Awarded
Oil Production To Be Suspended In Aneth Area Of Navajo Reservation
Indian Bureau Announces Superintendents For Yakima And Colville Agencies
Cove Day School Contract Awarded
Regulations Proposed For Governing Requested Removals Of Trust Restrictions From Eastern Oklahoma Indian Land
Bridge Construction Contract Awarded
Montana Water And Sewer Systems Contract Awarded
Indian Forest Income Up Sharply In Last Decade
Chuichu Water System Contract Awarded
Well Drilling And Development Contract Awarded For Navajo Reservation
Irrigation Construction Contract Awarded
Road Construction Contract Awarded To Great Falls Bidder
Contract For Rehabilitation Of Hubbart Dam To Polson Bidder
Flood Control Structures Contract Awarded On Papago Reservation
Indian Bureau Announces Proposed Rules For Revising Membership Roll Of Eastern Cherokee Band
Navajo School Construction Contract Awarded
Indian Bureau Commends Oregon Tribes For Survey Contract With State College
Awards Announced For Indian Arts And Crafts Service
Landbloom Named Navajo General Superintendent
Department Reports Increased Interest In Long-Term Leasing Of Florida Indian Lands
U. S. Exchanges Land For Indian Scholarships
Indian Couple Win Contract To Feed Cherokee School Children
Cherokee Indian School Gymnasium Contract Awarded
Indian Bureau Expanding Program To Develop Industrial Jobs Around Reservations
James E. Hawkins Named Area Director For Indian Bureau In Alaska
Over One-And-A-Quarter Million In School Contracts Announced For Navajo-Hopi
Water Development And Storage Contracts Awarded On Navajo And Hopi Reservations
Address By Emmons At The Triennial Conf Of The National Fellowship Of Indian Workers
Three Road Improvement Contracts Awarded On Navajo Indian Reservation
North And South Dakota Indian Reservation Road Contracts Awarded
Contract For Concrete Box Culverts Awarded To Muskogee Bidder
Bridge Construction Contract Awarded
Minnesota Indian Reservation Road Construction Contract Awarded
Indian Bureau Approves Contract For Fort Hall (Idaho) Road Work
Water Supply And Storage Contracts On Papago Indian Reservation Awarded
Canoncito, New Mexico, School Facilities Contract Awarded
Department Approves Final Klamath Election Results
Four Road Improvement Contracts Awarded On Indian Reservations In South Dakota
Navajo Road Construction Contract Awarded
Road Construction Contract Awarded In Minnesota
Brad Springs School Contract Awarded
Interior Department Favors Bill Restoring Minerals To Wyoming Indian Tribes
Standing Rock School Contract Awarded
Conehatta School Contract Awarded
Delay Indian Land Sales For Balance Of Congressional Session At Request Of Senator Murray
Navajo Reservation Road Contract Awarded To Arizona Contractor
Removal Of ‘Roadless’ Restrictions Planned For Oregon Reservation
Road Construction Contract Awarded
Interior Department Proposes Bills Adding Land To Indian Reservations In CA And NV
Indian Bureau Strengthens Safeguards On Mineral Rights
Emmons Issues Policy Statement On Sale Of Individually Owned Indian Lands
Road Construction Contract Awarded Arizona Bidder
Changes In Indian Land Oil And Gas Regulations Proposed
Colorado River Development Lease Cancelled
Fort Berthold Reservation Road Contract Awarded
Fort Totten School Contract Awarded
Contract For South Dakota Dormitory Awarded McCook, Nebraska Firm
South Segment School Contract Awarded
Contract For Land Clearing And Leveling And Construction Of Irrigation Facilities Awarded
Harrrington To Take Over As Seminole Agency Superintendent
Nevada Indian Reservation Road Contract Awarded
Road Construction Contract Awarded To Montana Bidder
Preliminary Results Of Klamath Tribal Election Announced
Indian Bureau Proposes Change In Assessment Rate On Arizona Irrigation Project
Indian Bureau Proposes Change In Assessment Rate On Arizona Irrigation Project
Interior Department Opposes Four States Indian Bills
Indian Bureau Invites Proposals For Development Of Section In Heart Of Palm Springs, California
Navajo Road Construction Contract Awarded
Corporation Given Until May 7 To Show Cause Why Colorado River Indian Land Lease Should Not Be Canceled
Dinsmore Taylor Named Management Specialist for Klamath Indian Termination
Navajo Road Improvement Contract Awarded
Kitchens at Indian Schools to Be Remodeled
Flood Control Structures Contract Awarded
Cheyenne River Reservation Road Contract Awarded
Proposed Roll of Ottawa Tribe Published in Federal Register
Road Construction Contract Awarded
Policy and Procedures Announced Governing Removal of Trust Restrictions From Lands of Eastern Oklahoma Indians
Road Construction Contract Awarded
Klamath Tribal Properties Valued At $121,659,613
Keliiaa Named Superintendent at Jicarilla Agency
Interior Department Favors Bill To Curb Hunting and Fishing Trespass on Indian Reservations
Additional Progress in Indian Education and Economical Opportunity Reported for Fiscal 1957
Changes Planned in Osage Tribal Elections
Secretary Seaton Asks Congress To Protect Conservation Features Of Klamath Indian Forest