Indian Affairs | 1956

1956 Press Releases


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Approval of Navajo Action in Appropriating $300,000 of Tribal Funds for Industrial Development Program
Indian Bureau Buys 21 Buses to Boost Navajo School Enrollment
Education Contract Approved Between Indian Bureau, State of Oregon
Indian Bureau Food Specilaist to Direct Red Cross Feeding in Austria for Hungarian Refugees
Indian Bureau Awards Contract for School Construction at Round Rock, AZ
North Dakota Johnson-O'Malley Conctract Award
Emmons to Meet with Tribal Representatives From OK, KS, and MS at Dallas, TX Dec 3-13
New Relocation Officers for Indian Bureau at Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose, CA
South Dakota Johnson-O'Malley Contract Awarded
Navajo Tribes Gets Nearly $3,250,000 More for Oil and Gas Leases
Record $27M Received for Oil and Gas Sales on Navajo Indian Lands
Seaton Asks Indian Bureau to Look into Nez Perce Timber Sales Prospects
Stumpage Rates Increased on Warm Springs Indian Timber
Emergency Distribution of Feed Grains to Drought-Stricken Indian Stockmen
Secretary Seaton Directs Review of Klamath Termination Program
Secretary Seaton’s Statement on Wyandotte Cemetery
Indian Income from Oil and Gas Leasing Soars to Record $41,000,000
Lands on Flathead Indian Reservation Restored to Tribal Ownership
Power Discount Proposed as Aid to Juvenile Delinquency Program on Colorado River Indian Reservation
Contracts for Additional Classroom Space to Accommodate Navajo Children Awarded to Three Arizona Public School Districts
Federal Supervision Over Western Oregon Indians Terminated
Address by Glenn L. Emmons, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Before the Governors’ Interstate Indian Council, Sheridan, Wyoming
Land and Buildings at Fort Wingate Sheep Laboratory Transferred to Agriculture Department
Secretary Seaton Rejects Delhi-Taylor Proposal
Indian Bureau Reorganizes Washington Office
Indian Bureau Real Estate Men Authorized to Attend Appraisal Courses at Southern California
Emmons Comments on Tax Ruling Affecting Proceeds From Indian Trust Lands
Emmons Hails Jicarilla Apache Action in Establishing $1,000,000 Scholarship Fund
Mineral in 480 Acres Restored to Wind River Indians of Wyoming
Two Additional Tracts of 5,300 Acres Made Available for Oil Leasing on Utah Indian Reservation
Indian Bureau Will Expand and Improve Operations with Fund Increase of Over $7,000,000
Department of Agriculture and Interior Sign Agreement on Extension Work With Indians
Department Recommends Against Narrowing Jurisdiction of Indian Claims Commission
Voluntary Relocation Program of Indian Bureau to be Greatly Enlarged in New Fiscal Year
Extension of the Indian Claims Commission Act
Emmons Asks for Legal Advice on Proposed Delhi-Taylor Contract with Navajo Tribe
Competitive Bidding Brings Indian Property Owners Fourfold Bonus for Uranium Mining Lease
Melis Named Indian Bureau Area Director at Billings; Kephart Succeeds as Chief of Forestry Branch
New Oil and Gas Regulations for Indian Land Require 25 Percent Deposit and 30 Days for Completion
Changes in Regulations on Mineral Leasing of Indian Lands
Greenwood Named Deputy Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Greenwood Named Deputy Commissioner of Indian Affairs
New Regulations Stress Competitive Bidding for Mineral Leases on Individual Indian Lands
New Grazing Regulations for Navajo Reservation Adopted
Joseph E. Noyes Named Realty Chief for Indian Bureau
Emmons Comments on Adult Education Program for Indians
“Mixed Blood” Members of Utah Indian Tribe Moved to Set up Own Organization Under Termination Law
New Regulations on Leasing of Indian Land Announced
Cooper Retires as Indian Bureau’s Area Director at Billings
Leasing Regulations for Colorado River Indian Reservation Announced
Indian Tribe and Family Receive Conservation Awards
Rovin to Succeed Beasley as Indian Bureau Welfare Chief
Two Virginians Appointed to Commission for Study of Indian Alcoholism
Commission to Study Alcoholism Among Indians Appointed
Guardians Required for Minor and Incompetent Members of Klamath Indian Tribe
Indian Bureau Advances in 1955 Reported
O’Harra Succeeds Pensoneau as Superintendent of Hopi Indian Agency
Hearing on Yakima Tribal Election Scheduled for February 13-19, 1956
Emmons Checks Land Sales on Crow Reservation in Montana
Canan Succeeds Bennett as Superintendent of Consolidated Ute Indian Agency