Indian Affairs | Qualifying Fire Positions

Qualifying for Fire Positions (Incident Qualifications)

There are qualification requirements for the everyday jobs we do in fire management and for the jobs we do when fighting a fire or responding to other emergencies. The process for obtaining incident-specific qualifications is identified in a document known as the "Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide" . Our Wildland Fire Qualification System is a "performance-based" system whereby qualification is based on completion of Required Training and demonstrated successful position performance by completing the applicable position task book on wildland fires, events, incidents, job activities, and in simulated exercises or classroom activities.

The primary criterion for qualification is individual performance as observed by an Evaluator. Evaluators must be either qualified in the position being evaluated or supervise the Trainee; Final Evaluators must be qualified in the Trainee position they are evaluating.

The successful performance must then be properly documented in an approved NWCG position task book (PTB). Position task books contain all critical tasks that are required to perform the job. The process of demonstrating the abilities to perform the position is the completion of a PTB. The tasks in each PTB have been established by subject matter experts from all NWCG agencies and geographical areas of the United States, and tested and approved by the NWCG.

Position task books are in a format which allows for documentation of a Trainee’s ability to perform each task. Tasks pertaining to tactical decision-making and safety require position performance on a wildland fire. Remaining tasks may be evaluated through other means such as a simulation, or emergency or non-emergency incident/event.

The basis for recommending Agency Certification is successful completion of all required tasks of the position, as determined by the Evaluator(s) and Final Evaluator. Certification and documentation of completed PTBs is the responsibility of the Certifying Official from the Home Unit/Agency (this includes the employing agency when applicable).

Individuals are responsible for providing proof of qualification on an incident.