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Geronimo IHC

In 1996, the San Carlos Apache Tribal Natural Resources Program began administering the Geronimo Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) under Public Law 93-638. This law furthers opportunities for self-determination and allows a tribe to assume all BIA functions at the Agency.

As an IHC program, the BIA sponsors the Geronimo IHC to ensure certification and interagency standards for an IHC are met.  The crew represents the San Carlos Apache Tribe and the interagency wildland fire community.

Geronimo IHC
San Carlos Apache Tribe
P.O. Box 0
Natural Resource Bldg 92
Airport Rd/ Tonto St.
San Carlos, AZ 85550





Julius Hostetler, Superintendent
(928) 961-1451(Cell)

Email Geronimo Hotshots
Samuel Meade Jr., Squad Boss
Jeffrey Phillips, Squad Boss
Marvin Victor Jr., Squad Boss

(928) 475-3696 (Office)
(480) 457-1551 (Phoenix Dispatch)
(928) 475-5798 (Fax)


The Geronimo Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) is hosted by the San Carlos Apache Tribal Natural Resources Program. Geronimo IHC was first established as a regular Type 2 Initial Attack Crew, known as the San Carlos #10, in 1987.

The late Walt Sixkiller was the Fire Management Officer (FMO) at the time, and wanted to see a hotshot crew established in San Carlos, AZ. The crew worked to become an IHC crew by accepting challenging, high complexity fire assignments, which were equal to hotshot crew capabilities. To maintain their qualifications, the crew also maintained a consistent number of fire assignments throughout the years until they were able to achieve the national standards for an Interagency Hotshot Crew. 

Named for the Chiricahua Apache warrior/medicine man, “Geronimo”,  “Goyathlay” to the Apache people, was known for roaming the Southwest, following seasons of prosperity, hunting, farming, and of course warfare. Geronimo is also the name of a small town located on the east boundary line of the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona. Given this historic and prized figure, the crew adopted the name of Geronimo.

In 1991, the crew received its Interagency Hotshot Crew status as the Geronimo Interagency Hotshot Crew, hosted by the BIA San Carlos Agency.  In 1996, the San Carlos Apache Tribal Natural Resources Program began administering the crew under a PL93-638 contract. Michael Longknife assumed the Superintendent position and hired new crewmembers. Longknife, who had previously worked for the Globe and Helena Hotshots, helped advance the crew to its peak capabilities.

In Native American culture, it is stressed one should be healthy spiritually, physically, socially, and mentally. Members of the Geronimo Hotshots pride themselves on being in top physical and mental shape. To achieve this, crew leaders emphasize the importance of maintaining respect, integrity, and bravery on and off the job. Safety is always the crew’s highest priority and each crew member trains to keep themselves and adjoining resource as safe as possible.

The primary mission of the Interagency Hotshot Crews (IHC) is to provide a safe, organized, mobile and highly skilled hand crew for all phases of wildland fire suppression. The arduous duties and specialized assignments required of IHC personnel require uniform staffing, certification, training, equipment, communications, transportation, organization, and qualifications that adhere to interagency standards and guidelines.

Crew  Superintendents:                        
1987                 Eugene Irving          
1988                 Tyrone Polk              
1989                 Benedict Victor Sr. 
1990-1992        Curley Bush Jr.  
1993-1995        Loren Macktima.
1996-1999        Mike Longknife
2000                 Randy Anderson
2001-2001        Duane Chapman
2003-2007        Carlos Nosie, Jr
2008                 Leroy Brown
2009                 Julius Hostetlier
2010-Present    David Provencio, Jr

Assistant Superintendents
1987                Tyrone Polk
1988                Benedict Victor Sr.
1989-1994       Tyrone Polk
1995-1996       Keith Goode
1997-1998       Dennis Logan
1999                Randy Anderson
2000                Duane Chapman
2001-2002       Carlos Nosie Jr.
2003-2008       Robert Johnson
2009                Stephan Patten/ Samuel Meade Jr.
2010                Julius Hostetler