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Fire Effects and Fire Monitoring

The effects of fire on the landscape and its impact on vegetation and wildlife are important aspects of fire management. Understanding the effects fire has to the landscape is essential to effective landscape restoration.

Careful monitoring and evaluation of natural resources after a prescribed or natural fire is a necessary and ongoing process. Monitoring the vegetation and other environmental components validate treatment objectives and helps managers understand the role fire plays in nature and how it affects important ecosystem components. It is also important for managers to understand how fire influences the systems so they can adjust treatment plans that will improve results.

Fire Effects & Monitoring Toolbox

Fire Effects References
FIREMON References
Monitoring References
Photo Monitoring References
FFI: Ecological Monitoring Utilities (Forms, Training, Manuals, Helpful Resources)

NWCG Fire Effects Guide
This guide is a summary of available information on fire effects principles and processes. It provides references to additional information and a guideline for the collection, analysis and evaluation of wildland and prescribed fire effects data.

Fire Effects Information System
Looking for research about living organisms in the United States—their biology, ecology, and relationship to fire? Fire Effects Information Systems can help.