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Osage Agency

The Osage Agency is under the general supervision of the Line Officer in charge, the Agency Superintendent, which provides services to the Osage Nation and Osage Mineral Estate. The Agency branches include Executive Direction and Trust Services. Trust Services is divided into six sub-sections: Real Estate Services, Probate and Estate Services, Natural Resources, Mineral Subsurface Leasing, Mineral Lease Management, and Mineral Field Operations. The trust land overseen by the Agency consists of approximately 1.4 million acres which encompass the Osage Mineral Reserve covering Osage County, Oklahoma. Individual Restricted Lands cover 134,709.89 acres of Osage County.  Restricted Lands held outside the boundaries are approximately .11 acres.  The Osage Tribal Trust Land includes 1,819.125 acres which encompass three Indian villages, an Industrial Park, the Osage Agency Campus and Agency Reservoir, along with the St. John Cemetery and other acreage.


Robin Phillips, Superintendent - Osage Agency

Mary "Jeannine" Hale, Deputy Superintendent - Osage Agency


Leasing of Osage Reservation Lands for Oil and Gas Mining



The implementation of the revised regulations 25 CFR 226 has been postponed until further notice.






Osage Tour Aug 2010

Osage Tour, August 2010


Osage Agency Fire Management, June 2008.