Indian Affairs | National Indian Forestry Program

National Indian Forestry and Wildland Fire Management Program

The National Indian Forestry and Wildland Fire Management Program is a cooperative effort of the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of the Deputy Director - Trust Services, Division of Forestry and Wildland Fire Management, Intertribal Timber Council and individual Tribal governments on reservations that contain forest resources. Nationally, this accounts for approximately 18 million acres of forested land within approximately 60 million acres of total land with wildland fire management responsibility.

About 2,500 BIA & Tribal employees work together in Indian Country to protect and manage this federal land held in trust for client Tribes located on reservations. Our organization is recognized for its leadership and innovation in the management of forested land in North America. We strive to continually improved and enhanced Indian forests so that they will meet the needs of Indian people now and for generations to come. Timber, waterways, fish & wildlife populations, livestock, cultural resources, traditional medicine, spiritual practices, recreation, firewood usage, renewable energy and many other resources & activities benefit from good strategic management developed and implemented on a reservation.

Depending on a Tribe's management objectives, wise stewardship of these resources and activities may also produce significant economic benefits for Tribal enterprises, Tribal governments and individual Tribal members (per capita dividends). Timber production is our flagship program and we are recognized as the leading expert on sustainable forestry through uneven-aged management.

Our organization also plays a critical role in management of wildland fire throughout North America on all land: federal, state, county and private. Indian fire crews are the backbone of the national fire suppression force and are known for their firefighting skill, bravery and dedication to excellence.