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Tribal Justice Support Directorate

Tribal Justice Support provides funding guidance, technical support, and advisory services to tribal courts and the Courts of Indian Offenses. This includes providing funding to tribal courts, training directed to specific needs of tribal court personnel, promoting cooperation and coordination among tribal justice systems and Federal and state judiciary systems, and providing oversight for the continuing operations for the Courts of Indian Offenses. The Division also works with tribes to conduct tribal court reviews which are conducted using a modified model of the Tribal Court Performance Standards (TCPS). The TCPS assists tribal courts in identifying existing problems and formulating strategies for improvement of tribal courts and provides an outcome-oriented conceptual framework of tribal court performance areas, standards, and measures.

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The Assosciate Director of Tribal Justice Support also oversees the Victim Assistance Program (VAP) which provides assistance to victims who are involved with criminal prosecutions in tribal or Federal courts within Indian country during the investigative stages and at times throughout the entire prosecution process of both violent crimes and/or drug crimes. The program administers and promotes overall victim services by analyzing the needs of victims and the needs of law enforcement agencies, ensuring that the victims are afforded their rights under the Crime Victims Rights Act of 2004 as required for Federal law enforcement agencies. The Division also provides technical assistance by anlayzing the needs of tribal court juvenile programs and tribal court probation departments, when requested.

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