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Professional Standards Directorate

Monty Gibson
Monty Gibson
Associate Director

1849 C Street NW Washington, DC 20240

202-208-5787 (Office)

202-513-0761 (Fax)


Associate Director - Professional Standards. The Associate Director - Professional Standards is responsible for managing and overseeing implementation of modern and up-to-date training courses for tribal and Bureau law enforcement, telecommunications, and corrections officers; the conduct of timely internal audits to OJS and tribal law enforcement programs; and development of policy and procedures for all directorates and divisions within OJS. The Directorate coordinates assessments and identification of requirements to enure adequate systems and procedures to support Indian Affairs mission-critical functions and facilities, the protection of the public, employees, information technologies, and vital records in case of an emergency. The Associate Director also recommends and develops comprehensive policy and guidelines for physical security; recommends modification of programs based on studies and evaluations; and communcates and disseminates information.