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Archived Regulatory Efforts

Housing Improvement Program (25 CFR 256)

All documents regarding 25 CFR 256 regulatory efforts can be found by going to the Housing Improvement Program webpage

Revisions to Regulations on Federal Acknowledgment of Indian Tribes ("Part 83")

All documents regarding Part 83 regulatory efforts can be found by going to the Revisions to Regulations on Federal Acknowledgment webpage.

Land in Trust in Alaska (25 CFR 151)

All documents regarding 25 CFR 151 regulatory efforts can be found by going to the Land in Trust in Alaska webpage

Collaborative Sessions on Four BIA Land Use and Management Regulations

The Office of Regulatory Affairs and Collaborative Action (RACA) in coordination with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) convened five collaborative sessions throughout Indian Country in 2011 as part of a process to review four BIA land use and management regulations: agricultural leasing, grazing, right-of-way (ROW), and the possible creation of a separate trespass regulation. Five two-day sessions were held between August and October 2011 in Minneapolis, Billings, Portland, Phoenix and Albuquerque. The challenge for both stakeholders and the agency was to make the regulations more streamlined, efficient and responsive to tribal needs, while honoring the agency’s statutory requirements. In total, 133 BIA employees and 94 Tribal representatives attended the sessions. Their concerns, ideas and recommendations are found in the following report. The purpose of this report is to summarize the results of the collaborative work sessions.

Summary Report - pdf 268 kb
Appendix A- Glossary of Acronyms - pdf 153 kb
Appendix B - Sample Invitation Letter - pdf 166 kb
Appendix C - Sample Agenda - pdf 139 kb
Appendix D - Session Materials - pdf 326 kb
Appendix E - Minneapolis Session Summaries - pdf 287 kb
Appendix F - Billings Session Summaries -  pdf 443 kb
Appendix G - Portland Session Summaries - pdf 279 kb
Appendix H - Phoenix Session Summaries - pdf 442 kb
Appendix I - Albuquerque Session Summaries - pdf 328 kb
Appendix J - Evaluation Data - pdf 707 kb

Proposed Residential, Business, and Wind and Solar Leasing Regulations (25 CFR 162) 

The BIA has finalized revisions to regulations governing residential, business, and wind and solar leasing procedures on Indian land.  A copy of the regulation and additional information are available at