Indian Affairs | Rights of Way

Rights-of-Way (25 CFR 169)

Proposed Rule and Explanatory Information

The proposed rule would update 25 CFR 169, Rights-of-Way on Indian Land, to streamline the process for obtaining Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) approval, ensure consistency with recently updated leasing regulations, increase the flexibility in compensation and valuations, and support landowner decisions regarding the use of their land.

The deadline for providing comments on the Proposed Rule has again been extended, this time from November 3, 2014 to November 28, 2014. Guidance on how to submit comments can be found in the Federal Register notice announcing the rule, below.

Members of DOI Workgroup Who Developed Proposed Right-of-Way Rule

  • Liz Appel, Office of Regulatory Affairs & Collaborative Action (facilitator)
  • Matthew Kirkland, (former) Chief, Real Estate Services, Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Kayla Danks, Superintendent, Fort Berthold Agency, Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Brenda Schliff, Realty Specialist, Rocky Mountain Region, Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Jay Daniels, (former), Realty Specialist, Midwest Region, Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Sharlene Roundface, Realty Officer, Southern Plains Region, Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Kevin Bearquiver, Deputy Regional Director - Trust Services, Pacific Region, Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Jennifer Turner, Office of the Solicitor
  • Stephen Simpson, Office of the Solicitor


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