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Supplemental Administrative and Regulatory Documents

These additional documents include guidance directives from the Assistant Secretary - Indian Affairs; guidelines for formal technical assistance meetings; and documents related to the 1978 regulations, the 1994 regulations, and the 2015 regulations. 


  • FR 80-37-538, Policy Guidance from the Assistant Secretary, "Requests for Administrative Acknowledgment of Federal Indian Tribes"
  • 2015 Final Rule regarding revisions to the 25 CFR Part 83 acknowledgment regulations (the "current regulations"), including public comment on the regulations and the Department's response.





  • 25 CFR Part 54 Procedures for Establishing that an American Indian Group Exists as an Indian Tribe (The "Old Regulations" that were implemented in 1978, renumbered to 25 CFR Part 83, and were revised as 25 CFR Part 83 in 1994). See also the initial 1978 guidelines.
  • View the 1977 comments (.pdf 16MB) and the 1978 comments (.pdf 8MB) on the "Old Regulations" (25 CFR Part 54) that were implemented in 1978.  Proposed regulations were published on June 16, 1977. Revised proposed regulations were published on June 1, 1978 (43 FR 23743).  The period for public comment closed on July 3, 1977.  Throughout this period, from June 16, 1977, the amount of consultation and discussion with tribes and other groups on Federal acknowledgment had been unprecedented.  [Between] June 16, 1977, [and August 24,1978,] our records show a total of 400 meetings, discussions, and conversations about Federal acknowledgment with other Federal agencies, State government officials, tribal representatives, petitioners, congressional staff members, and legal representatives of petitioning groups; 60 written comments on the initial proposed regulations of June 16, 1977; a national conference on Federal acknowledgment attended by approximately 350 representatives of Indian tribes and organizations; and 34 comments on the revised proposed regulations, published on June 1, 1978.