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Technical Reference Model (TRM)

Technical Reference Model (TRM) v3.1 (06/2006)

Federal Enterprise Architecture Introduction: The TRM is a component-driven, technical framework used to categorize the standards, specifications, and technologies that support and enable the delivery of service components and capabilities.

The Technical Reference Model (TRM) provides a foundation to categorize the standards, specifications, and technologies to support the construction, delivery, and exchange of business and application components (Service Components) that may be used and leveraged in a Component-Based or Service-Oriented Architecture. The TRM unifies existing Agency TRMs and E-Gov guidance by providing a foundation to advance the re-use of technology and component services from a government-wide perspective.

DOI Extension Introduction: The Interior's TRM extends the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) TRM by populating the specification level with products, specifications, or product standards and classifying each by technology implementation usage. 

DOI Technical Reference Model:

DOI IT Enterprise Hardware Contracts
DOI IT Hardware Buyers Guide
Conformed Contract Models (.xls) (Updated 01/24/08)
TRM Instructions (.pdf)

DOI TRM v3.1 Reports (06/2006) - This section of the DOI Site is under construction, links will be added once it is finished:

DOI TRM (Standards)
DOI TRM (Specifications) with Usage Detail
DOI TRM (by Manufacturer)
DOI TRM (Change Log) (.rtf)
Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) TRM

DOI TRM v3.0 Reports:

TRM Guidance Version 3.0 (.pdf)
TRM Architectural Principles (.pdf)
Standards and Specifications (.pdf)
Product By Standard (.rtf)
Platform Analysis (.pdf)

Configuration Management Reports: 

Deleted (.pdf)
Inserted (.pdf)
Classification Changed (.pdf)
Unchanged (.pdf)

TRM Waiver Request Form (Updated 3/14/2008) (.pdf)