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Business Development

If tribes wish to engage in any business operation it is essential that they first establish a proper business environment.  To have greater success in new business development, tribes need to be as accessible to prospective business activities as possible. In many cases tribes lack the fundamental set of rules that guide business dealings and allow for proper economic development. These rules include corporate codes, limited liability company codes and commercial codes.  If tribes and tribal members wish to own and operate businesses on tribal lands, four essential steps must be taken first to create a proper business environment:

  1. Adopt Corporations Codes
  2. Adopt LLC Codes
  3. Adopt Uniform Commercial Codes/The Model Tribal Secured Transactions Act
  4. Hire qualified business managers

The Division also assists tribes with the development of their energy and mineral resources through helping to market their resources to private industry.

Many Tribal Nations are increasingly interested in economic development through the establishment of long standing business relationships with private industry.  On this page you will learn about Tribal Nations that are seeking companies who are interested in forming mutually beneficial business relationships in a wide range of development opportunities such as light manufacturing, real estate development, and other energy and mineral projects.

The brochures listed here highlight some of these efforts.

Tribes Featured at the Reservation Economic Summit (RES) 2011 in Las Vegas, NV

Fond du LacMetlakatlaOneidaCrow
Fond du Lac Business Development Brochure CoverMetlakatla Business Development Brochure CoverOneida Business Development Brochure CoverCrow Brochure Cover
Fond du Lac RES 2011 PresentationMetlakatla RES 2011 PresentationOneida RES 2011 Presentation 


ColvilleYsleta del SurRed LakeFort Berthold
colville Business Development Brochure
            CoverTigua Brochure CoverWells Technology Brochure CoverFort Berthold Brochure Cover
Colville RES 2011 PresentationTigua RES 2011 PresentationWells Technology RES 2011 PresentationFort Berthold RES 2011 Presentation



These Tribes are also currently looking to form business relationships.





Wind Cover  Blackfeet Wind Cover  Crow
Creek Wind Cover




 Metlakatla Cover  Quinault Cover  Tyonek Cover



Limestone Cover



 Please see our ‘Building Green Jobs Economies on Triabl Lands' Brochure to learn more about the Division’s green initiative.

 Green Jobs Cover