Indian Affairs | Preserving Tribal Economic Traditions and Values

Preserving Tribal Economic Traditions and Values

Tribes can create jobs and thicken their economies while still honoring their traditional values.  It is therefore important that tribes protect themselves from commercial exploitation or unauthorized use of their cultural patrimony and intellectual property, which reflect generations of knowledge and experience about Native lands, healing, music, art, literature, plants, and animals.  DED assists tribes to do this by sponsoring:

  • Intellectual Property/Cultural Patrimony Protection Training

DED sponsors training for tribal leaders and attorneys which provides an overview of what tribal intellectual property rights are and how they are protected by U.S. federal law and international agreements, including case studies highlighting the challenges faced by Indian businesses in the new global marketplace.

  • "Indianpreneurship" Training

DED sponsors day-long training sessions to teach tribal business men and women how to incorporate tribal values and traditions in the day-to-day operation of their enterprises.