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Native American Business Development

According to the last Census and the latest American Indian Population and Labor Force Report, Indian Country unemployment ranges in the low to high double digits.  Native businesses are the key to ending this cycle of reservation unemployment.  DED fosters the growth and success of Native businesses on the reservation by providing:

  • Management Training

At locations throughout Indian Country, DED sponsors (free of charge to participants) intensive learning opportunities for managers and officers of Indian and tribally owned enterprises.  At one and three day "strategic retreats," Indian business leaders learn to diagnose their enterprise's strengths and weaknesses and develop a high-flying, sustainable business.

  • Entrepreneurship Training

DED collaborates with distinguished business schools and successful Indian entrepreneurs to teach tribal members how to start and sustain their own reservation-based businesses.

  • Procurement Training

DED assists tribes to develop SBA 8(a) businesses and take advantage of federal, state, and 'Buy-Indian' procurement opportunities.